1. Do I have to follow the hosts and sponsors?

  • Yes. Following the hosts will help you keep track of challenge updates. We will try not to change the rules once the challenge starts, but if a circumstance warrants it, you will want to see the update.
  • Following the sponsor is compulsory if you want to be eligible for the prize.
  • If you’re playing just for fun, you don’t have to follow this rule, but please interact with the entries before and after yours by commenting on them, in keeping with the goal of the challenge.

2. I don’t want to make my account public but I am keen on participating. What should I do?

We understand that you want to keep your personal details private. So you can start a new account with its privacy set to public just for playing along with this challenge. We’d love to have you participate.

3. Do I have to post every day? What if I miss a day or two?

It’s okay if you miss a few days. You have till the 18th of the month to catch up. You can even miss a few prompts if you don’t have the time. But sometimes your eligibility for a prize will depend upon posting for all prompts. In that case, do catch up by the 18th.

4. I’ve been posting since Day 1, but missed a day or two in between. Do I need to post for all prompts?

Not all the time. There may be some prizes that may require you to post on all days. Please check that month’s rules to make sure. But since each post counts as an entry, posting for all prompts only increases your chances of winning.

5. Do I have to comment every day?

It is better if you do. As the challenge is very new, it will be easy for you to find your entry in the Monthly Hashtag (#WARM_May2017). But as participation grows, it will become difficult to find your entry. So you can wait till the end of the day, or the following day to leave a comment. Also, since the goal is to get to know fellow moms, won’t it feel awesome and connected if you post and receive comments soon after you share your entry for the day? 🙂

6. How will you pick a winner?

Out of all the entries tagged under the Monthly Hashtag (e.g. #WARM_May2017) we will pick a random number using www.random.org and check if the account that the entry belongs to has followed all the rules of the challenge.

For instance, if the hashtag as 371 posts, we will input data as follows and pick a random number. Counting the top posts as 1-9 and the rest as 10, 11, 12, and so on, we will scroll down till we reach the winning entry. We will then check the entry before and after the winning entry to see if the winner has interacted with those entries, and check if the winner is following all the other Challenge Rules.

7. I’m not a mom/woman, but I want to play along. Can I?

You can, but the prompts and prizes (if any) will be mom-centric! We will try to keep the prompts as simple as possible, so you should be able to play along on most days. As long as you’re playing along in the spirit of being honest and being a part of a (mom) community, sure! Feel free.

8. I don’t live in India. Am I eligible for the prize?

Of course you are! If the sponsor will ship to an Indian Address only, you can get your prize shipped to someone you know in India, who can then send it over to you. Or if you are willing to pay for shipping yourself, that’ll be great! If an international entry is picked as a winner, we will check with you about this. We will pick another winner over you, only if you decide to pass. 🙂

9. It’s Day 3 and I’ve missed two days already. Can I start now?

You can start posting from Day 3 from the Current Day’s prompt or start from Day 1’s prompts. As long as you post everything before 18th of that month, you are still eligible for the prize provided you follow all the other rules.

10. Since this is about being “Real” does this mean I cannot use planned photos clicked from a professional camera?

Photos clicked from professional cameras can definitely be used. In fact, our tagline says “Staged Photos, Real Life.” So as long as what you SAY in the caption is real (about the photo or your life) your entry still qualifies.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Leave a comment below and I will try to asnwer it as soon as I can!


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7 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. It says per day per post.. And, in flaws it’s mentioned I can.. Confusing! I have missed out on thre days.. Can I post four different prompts on one day?


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