July 2017

Theme: Main Apni Favourite Hoon

Co-Host: Karuna @karunasud

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Please read till the end of this page to read challenge specific Rules, as well as specific T&C in addition to the General Rules & Guidelines.

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Tips for Interpreting the Prompts

Listed below, are our (hosts’) intentions behind the prompts. Since the theme is โ€œMain Apni Favourite Hoonโ€ it will be great if your interpretation is realted to motivating yourself. However, feel free to interpret it in any other way you want.

  1. Dear Me – A letter to your past, present, or future self.
  2. Self Care – What are you doing to care about yourself? A new skincare routine? Exercise? Catching up on sleep? Some girl talk?
  3. #MindfulMonday – Take life slow today and be mindful of your actions. For example, you could choose to be mindful about being patient, or a good listener.
  4. Counting my Blessings – There’s so much to worry about in life. But there are things that we are thankful for! Let’s focus on the good things in life today.
  5. I am good at – Show us some of your skills today! Feel free to share videos of singing, dancing, cooking, creating, sleeping ๐Ÿ˜œ, etc.
  6. #TBT | I was VS. I am – This could be as simple as an old picture versus a new picture. You could also get creative. Did you start learning a new skill a few months ago? Show us your beginner results vs. today’s results! This prompt is perfect for an album!
  7. I unwind with – It’s almost the weekend. Show us how you plan to relax and unwind.
  8. Little Teacher – There’s so much we learn from our kids on a daily basis! What did your child(ren) teach you?
  9. Mornings Be Like – Show us what your Sunday morning looks like!
  10. My Motivation – What motivates you? Is it a person, a dream, an experience? Share with us.
  11. Mama, you are AWESOME! – In your caption today, surprise another Mom on instagram with a compliment. Someone who doesn’t expect it in the least!
  12. Guilt Free – Have you been feeling guilty today? Forgive yourself for whatever’s bothering you. Or, do something you like, guilt free! ๐Ÿ˜€
  13. Ctrl + Alt + Del – Get all fears, inhibitions, negativity out, and reset your life.
  14. #FridayIntroductions | 10 Things I love about MYSELF – You are your favourite person, right? Tell us 10 things you love about yourself!
  15. I promise myself… – Make a promise to yourself today, set a goal that will help you stay happy and be your favourite person forever!


Challenge Specific Rules

1. Follow both hosts on Instagram

2. Follow ALL sponsors on Instagram

3. Like Mrs Moses India on Facebook.

4. To be eligible for ANY Prize you have to:

  • Use BOTH hashtags on ALL posts: #WeAreRealMoms #WARM_Jul2017 [Please note that the monthly hashtag has only the first three letters of July โ€“ JUL]
  • Post for AT LEAST 12 out of 15 prompts by July 18, 11:59 PM IST.
  • Follow all other rules.

5.Only residents of Delhi/NCR are eligible for Tiny Love Photography’s Photo Session.

6. Only residents of Mumbai are eligible for Lil Miss Greedy’s Catering Service.

7. Only residents of India are eligible for prizes from Mrs. Moses, Aroha Life, and The Green Snack Co.