Product Review | Superbottoms’ Dry Feel Langot

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Superbottoms.

Mornings are when Little Latte is awake for a long stretch of time and is playful. It’s also a time when she poops multiple times and pretty frequently. So using a diaper that can otherwise last for 2+ hours seems like such a waste when it’s soiled in a few minutes!

Enter: The Dry Feel Langot.

Soft, airy, and easy on baby’s tushy, Superbottoms’ Dry Feel Langots are a fantastic alternative to the good old nappy if you don’t want to keep your baby in diapers all the time + keep things mess-free. It’s available in 3 sizes. For more details, see the size chart below.


It has 4 layers of organic cotton padding which easily soaks up to ONE pee depending on the wetting pattern of different babies plus, as the name suggests, a Dry Feel layer on top that does not let your baby feel wetness after peeing.

This means sometimes, if Little Latte pees a little more than the langot can take, the outside does become damp/slightly wet. But it does not get soaking wet or spread all over the clothes and baby’s back like it would have with a regular nappy. However, it will be ideal to keep a protective sheet (quick dry/rubber sheet) under the baby’s bottom, just in case.

When the baby poops, the gentle elastics on the side and back help keep the mess within, which regular nappies do not, especially with runny, newborn poop.

Image courtesy: Superbottoms

The fun part? There are many colorful options with fun prints on them. Just look how pretty…

The one with the planets from the Day Dreamer Collection and the one with the donuts from the Sweet Tooth collection are Laddoo’s favourites. Yes, you read that right. LADDOO’s favourites because SHE picks them out for her little sister.


I use the Dry Feel Langots…

1. First, the obvious. It’s light and airy (as opposed to to tight diapers) so its’s great for diaper free time.

2. To check her pee count. This is especially important in the early days to know if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk. It’s not possible with diapers (cloth or disposable) because they soak up more than one pee easily making it difficult to count.

Quick pop-quiz. How many wet nappies indicate a decent feeding pattern?
Bolo bolo. Tell, tell!

3. To catch stray poop. Moms of newborns will agree! In the newborn phase, baby will often poop DURING diaper changes, sometimes as soon as you place a fresh diaper under their bum. So I keep a langot underneath instead and wait until I’m sure baby’s done and then keep a fresh diaper because I don’t want to waste a diaper for a drop of poop. #proudkanjoos

4. During sponge bath or actual bath, again, to catch any poo that happens during the process. It keeps the poo from mixing with the bath water if you’re using a tub or from staining your legs if you put baby on your legs.


STEP 1: Prep.

As with all cloth products, it is recommended to wash the langots once before usage for better absorbency. See wash routine below.

STEP 2: Wear

Put them on like regular nappies by inserting the strings through the loops and tying them just tight enough to make sure the langot doesn’t slip down. See the image on the right for more details.

STEP 3: Change

Change the langot immediately after the baby poops. In case of pee, you can keep it on until the langot feels dry on the outside.


Step 1: Knock off any solid poop into the toilet using the spray. For runny poop or pee, rinse the Dry Feel Nappy under running water to remove the pee/poop residue.

Step 2: Wash them like regular clothes with any non-fragrant detergent. It is recommended that you tie the strings together before washing to avoid tangling during machine wash.


They are available on Superbottoms’ website HERE.
▪️ Each set of 3 is priced at ₹529/- (but available at ₹460/-).
▪️ There are combo packs available too.
▪️ For an additional 10% discount, use my code BEINGMAMA.

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