Hello, 2017!

2016 was a life-changing year for me. My body, mind, heart, and sense of self have evolved in these twelve months to make one giant room for a tiny little being who has become the centre of our world. I thought I knew what loving someone was. This year I realised that you can fall in love and care about someone you haven’t even met. Unconditional love has a new meaning because there is now a person whose needs come before my own 100% of the times. I never thought I was capable of doing that, but turns out, it comes naturally.
My husband and I, both, have changed over the past year. We have seen another side of each other – more caring, more nurturing, and more selfless than we ever were for each other. We might disagree on what’s right for us individually or as a couple, but never on what’s right for the little life we brought into this world. And as new people with a much larger responsibility on our shoulders than we’ve ever had, we welcome 2017 with open arms and hope that we’re able to mould our little Baby Girl into a wonderful human being. ❤
And I’m happy to share this journey with you.
Here’s to more blogging in 2017!

Mamma Bear.

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