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Main Apni Favourite Hoon

Women are judged for everything. Right from what they wear to how they do their hair. From how they look to what they eat. And it gets worse when we become mothers. In addition to being judged for all that, we are now also judged for how we choose to raise our babies, whether we… Continue reading Main Apni Favourite Hoon

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Real Mom | Karuna of Name Place Animal Thing

It's that time of the month again; the time to introduce you to another Real Mom - a mom who will be hosting the We Are Real Moms July Challenge with me. For those of you who don't know, it is a 15-days long, prompt based Photo Challenge that I do every month on Instagram… Continue reading Real Mom | Karuna of Name Place Animal Thing

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8 Reasons to switch to Cloth Diapers

I started using Cloth Diapers in February this year, when my baby was around 5 months old. At the beginning, I was thankful every time I found a clean diaper (without 💩) and dreaded the day I would have to wash a dirty diaper. This was because I had only two diapers to begin with… Continue reading 8 Reasons to switch to Cloth Diapers