WARM Sponsors | June 2017

Here are the details of the Sponsors & Prizes of We Are Real Moms Photo Challenge for June 2017.

1. Bake Me

***For Residents of INDIA ONLY***Bake Me India Circle LogoEligibility

  • Resident of India
  • Follow ALL Rules here and here.
  • Play along with AT LEAST 12 out of 15 Prompts. You have till June 18, 11:59 PM IST.
  • Must use #WeAreRealMoms and #WARM_Jun2017

About Bake Me

Bake Me is a venture started by Real Mom Kirti Singh, who started her career as a journalist with Hindustan Times. Later, she joined a digital company where she worked on many international brands. Currently she is juggling her job with one of the best boutique agencies in India as their Director – Client Relations, and taking care of her 2-year-old daughter, Gangika. From making strategies to starting Bake Me to making sure that her daughter spends quality time with her,  Kirti Singh wishes to spark love of baking in every child and adults too.

A couple of years ago when Kirti was on a vacation to Laos, she met a 4-year-old baker – Eva, their friends’ daughter. This inspired Kirti to start ‘Bake Me’ with Baking kits where everything you need is in the box – tools and ingredients. Almost 2 years later, what was just an idea is now a reality.

Bake me has fabulous kid-friendly baking kits that will help little chelfings understand the joys of cooking. The box comes loaded with a recipe leaflet, complete set of instructions, premium quality ingredients, essential tools and secret tips. Suitably designed for the youngest kitchen helpers, Bake Me will definitely spark a love of good food in your kids! That also means, no more store bought treats and lots of homemade goodness. Whoopee! What’s more? It makes for a fun and creative DIY gifts for young girls and boys.

The boxes include:
🍰The most premium and hand-picked ingredients. Be it cocoa, vanilla or even the flour, quality of each product is par excellence.
🍰Edible decorations like colourful sprinklers, cupcake toppers, sugar animals and flowers etc that will give a professional touch to to your baked results.
🍰Three baking tools at a time in one box. The tools such as pastry brush, whisk, oven gloves, baking pans, parchment paper, piping cone, silicon cupcake moulds and more will make all your baking efforts a complete cake-walk!

Each dish is a gastronome’s delight with its wow-worthy experience and homemade goodness. The whole idea is to bake delicious desserts for the family and get a sense of achievement to serve something which is handmade at home.

To bring Bake Me to life, Kirti has collaborated with one of the best home bakers in Delhi – Sana Nair of The Mellow Yellow Co., who has studied from Le Cordon Bleu and has been the dessert chef of a Michelin Star restaurant. Sana came up with the recipes that suit the young ones’ taste buds and have premium and fresh ingredients, packed just a couple of days before shipping.

There are a total of eight recipes and during festive months they will come up with some more exciting recipes. The big baking kits are priced between INR 1,499 and INR 1,799, and the mini baking kits are priced between INR 599 and INR 799.

Bake Me on Social Media – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

The Prize:

Bake Me is giving three kits away, that is, three winners will get one kit each.

6 IMG_7274

1. Mini Muffin kit | This easy to make recipe and great to taste muffins will have the kids asking for more. Kit Value – INR 1,599/-


2. Chocolate Cake Kit | The colourful sprinkle chocolate cake with ganache is perfect for any occasion to make special. Kit Value – INR 1,499/-



IMG_73503.  Colourful Pancake Kit | Heart shaped pink pancake will lift up your mood. Easy to make and yum to taste. sprinkle some icing sugar on a stencil on to the pancake and your perfect morning breakfast is ready. Kit Value – INR 1,499/-


Sponsor T&C

These T&C are in addition to the T&C stated here.

All three winners must write an honest review. Details about where to post the review(s) will be shared with the winners.

2. 55 Baker Street

***For Residents of MUMBAI ONLY***55 Baker Street Circle LogoEligibility

  • Resident of Mumbai.
  • Follow ALL Rules here and here.
  • Play along with AT LEAST 12 out of 15 Prompts. You have till June 18, 11:59 PM IST.
  • Must use #WeAreRealMoms and #WARM_Jun2017

About 55 Baker Street

55 Baker Street is a teeny tiny 100 square feet bakery, tucked away in between sky-high buildings of Marine Drive. As of today the whole operations are handled by a 2 and a half members team, husband, wife and mini baker – Real Mom Shivani, Real Dad Harsh, and Baby Z run this bakery all by themselves and make delicious and gorgeous looking desserts by request only. The husband is involved in the backend workings of the studio, the day-to-day functions rest solely on the Wife.

After spending a decade studying and working in USA, Shivani moved back home in 2012. While she waited to find a suitable job in the healthcare sector, she started helping her mom run her bakery. They were the first bakery to introduce 3D sculpted cakes in their small town of Aurangabad. Then one thing led to another, and 5 years later Shivani is now operating her own little bakery.

55 Baker Street on Social Media: Instagram

The Prize

1 winner will receive 1 gift voucher worth INR 3,000/- that can be redeemed at 55 Baker Street for its cash value – cakes, pastries, cupcakes, pie, tarts etc. from the 55 Baker Street menu.

Cupcakes start at INR 90/- per piece, and cakes start at INR 1,500/- per kg. More details will be provided on request.


Sponsor T&C

These T&C are in addition to the T&C stated here
  • Valid for 2 months from the date of winner announcement.
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Voucher cannot be claimed in parts.
  • Order needs to be placed at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Winner can either pick up the baked goods from the bakery or avail a third-party delivery service (chargeable).

3. Spice Monger

***For Residents of The United States of America ONLY***Spice Monger Circle LogoEligibility


  • Resident of U.S.A.
  • Follow ALL Rules here and here.
  • Play along with AT LEAST 12 out of 15 Prompts. You have till June 18, 11:59 PM IST.
  • Must use #WeAreRealMoms and #WARM_Jun2017

About Spice Monger

Madhan and Satha, husband and wife team, and co-founders of Spice Monger, began their spice journey with the birth of their daughter. After her birth the pair began actively transitioning to an organic lifestyle as the healthiest option for their family; however, as avid home cooks they found the lack of truly affordable organic spices in the marketplace disheartening.

Madhan’s trip to the Indian district of Wayanad inspired both of them to find a solution to this problem. The lush mountains of this coastal district are inhabited by spice farmers cultivating the same spices their ancestors sowed thousands of years before. After decades of using pesticides and modern farming practices, these farmers are getting back to their roots by reviving ancient farming practices that today are termed “organic.”

Experiencing this bounty of fresh, organic spices gave them an idea: why not bring these spices to the United States? Importing spices from Wayanad would help the local economy and finally bring organic spices that were both delicious and affordable to the online marketplace, providing healthy options to health-and eco-conscious consumers like Madhan and Satha around the US. And so Spice Monger was born.

To bring health and eco-conscious consumers organic spices in their purest and most elemental form, inspiring them to experiment with even the humblest of dishes to create unparalleled taste. Additionally, by sourcing our spices from farms with organic, sustainable growing practices, we hope to help create a better future for us and the Earth.

The Prize:

TWO Winners in U.S.A. will get ONE Pepper Box, each, worth $19.75.


Spice Monger on Social Media: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook Page | Pinterest | Twitter | Google+