The Scare

After we came back from our holiday (Read about that here: Part 1 & Part 2) I realised that there were certain fragrances in my house that turned out to be the ones bothering me and making me throw up. Also, as cooking was going to be an issue for me with everything smelling so strong and horrible, I decided it was better if I stayed with my parents for a few days.
And it would be easy too, because, they had a cook and it wouldn’t be like I’m adding on to my mom’s work load or anything. So it was all cool.

We came back on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, I decided that it didn’t make sense for me to constantly be uncomfortable. So I packed a few clothes, got into an auto (my parents live just ten minutes away), and settled down for a few days.
For the first two days, everything was fine. Except for the first round of puking in the morning, I didn’t throw up throughout the day; I didn’t even feel like it. I stayed away from the kitchen, so the smells didn’t reach me. I was fed 5, maybe 6 times a day and I had to put zero effort in that. Plus, I had two cats to play with (although I was advised by the Chest Specialist to stay away from them because their fur could be the reason behind my cough. It wasn’t.)
I was excited for the weekend because on Sunday (February 21st) I was going to meet my family (dad’s side) for my grandfather’s 2nd death anniversary. I had decided that I would announce my pregnancy to my uncles, aunts and cousins. I was most excited for my grandmother.
However, early in the morning on Sunday when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I saw that I had bled a little. It was barely anything, but it was there alright. I could have panicked and screamed, but it was 4:00 AM and even if I woke everyone up, it wouldn’t do much. So with tension almost crippling my mind, I somehow tried to go back to bed.
My thoughts were all about what might be happening to me. Was I miscarrying? I was 9 weeks at the time, and I had heard that most miscarriages happen during the first trimester. Plus, this was our first baby, we hadn’t even tried for long before I got pregnant. Could it be possible that it wasn’t meant to be? Was everything I had gone through so far for nothing?
Somehow, I convinced myself to put those thoughts aside and get some sleep. Obviously, I could forget about meeting the family that day.
Around 8:00 AM when my mother came into the room, I was still in two minds about whether I should tell her.  I had been to the bathroom once more since then, and there wasn’t any more bleeding. Maybe it was a tiny abrasion or something. Maybe I should just go and then tell them when we were back.
Fortunately, good sense prevailed and I told her. Even more fortunate was that she didn’t panic. The hospital was right in front of their building. My dad walked in and got whatever information we needed. Since it was Sunday, the doctor on call would examine me. If, upon examination, they realised that it was really bad, my OB would come in.
So I freshened up, put on a fresh pair of clothes and went to the hospital.
If I thought the TVS during my first ultrasound was violating, I was in for a surprise. The TVS seemed like a breeze in comparison.
I assume it was the casualty ward as there were beds lined up next to each other with curtains around them. I was asked to go lie down on one. Then an old lady came and drew the curtains around me while my mother and husband explained the situation to the doctor on call while the doctor made a few notes.
She then came up to me and asked me to take my leggings and underwear off. She asked me what the colour of the blood was and how big the spot was. I told her. I also told her that since then, I hadn’t bled again.
They put a rubber sheet on the bed before I undressed. Unlike during the TVS, I wasn’t covered up. So there was the doctor, the old woman and a nurse/intern who were there while I was exposed.
The doctor then put on fresh gloves and told me that she’ll be gentle but it might hurt. It didn’t; it just felt weird when she put her fingers inside me, but I knew she had to examine me. But the thing was, after she was done with the exam, she handed me paper towels to clean myself and then walked off. And there I was, lying uncovered, with two other women looking at me. I mean, the least they could’ve done was given me something to cover myself with. But nope.
I realised it wasn’t the time to get angry. I needed to find out what was wrong and how bad it was. From behind the curtains I asked the doctor if I could wear my leggings again, and as I did that, I heard what she told my mother and husband.
They were told that it didn’t look bad, and it was nothing serious. I had to do a sonogram to check if everything was okay, but that could wait until the following day. She had already spoken to my OB and accordingly, I was advised a shot of Progesterone and tablets. I was also advised restricted movements, as in, not that I needed to stay in bed all day, but no ‘activity’ as such.  So basically, I had to go from doing hardly anything to nothing. GREAT!
She also said ‘no intercourse’ to my mom and husband. I’m so sure they were both uncomfortable and I just wish I could have seen their faces, but I couldn’t as I was still behind the curtain. Again, not that I was feeling very upbeat, but I guess it was a given. With the cough, the vomiting, my breasts hurting at the slightest touch and now the bleed, I wasn’t feeling very sexy anyway. Meh.
So after a bunch of medicines, I was asked to go home. I decided continuing to stay at my parents house would be the best, since I wasn’t allowed to do any work anyway. The following day when we did the sonogram, we discovered that the reason for the bleed was a low-lying placenta. Apparently, it’s very common and nothing to worry about. As long as I took a chill pill, I’d be fine.
So I decided I’d do just that. I’d already been unproductive for almost a month. What was a few more weeks?
But that little bleed did give me a scare!

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