The Scare

After we came back from our holiday (Read about that here: Part 1 & Part 2) I realised that there were certain fragrances in my house that turned out to be the ones bothering me and making me throw up. Also, as cooking was going to be an issue for me with everything smelling so … More The Scare

The first Flutters

I’ve been waiting for this since Day 1. Of course, the first trimester distracted me from actually feeling pregnant and it was more like I was suffering from… well, just suffering. But ever since I’ve been feeling better and more like my old self than I did in the past few months, I’ve been waiting … More The first Flutters

The first Look

We went to the doctor hours after the pregnancy test showed a positive. But since I was only 4 weeks and 1 day along, the doctor suggested that we wait two more weeks to be able to see something clearly in the ultrasound. During that first visit, she asked me if I was experiencing any … More The first Look