A Day in the Life #2 | Sunday, February 19, 2017

WARNING: Extra Long Post with loads of pictures and videos.

This is the second time I’ve done A Day in The Life (first post here) and thanks to work, not being able to find another cook, and baby’s changing sleep schedule, I’m posting this almost three weeks late. Oh, and how did I miss my good friend procrastination? What kind of a writer would I be if I didn’t procrastinate? After a terrible sleeping schedule for the last two days, when the baby was alseep before 11:30 PM tonight, instead of writing this post, I watched TVF’s Humorously Yours 🙈

But anyway, after I finished that and made a nice to-do list for tomorrow (that I’m definitely going to ditch before noon), I decided it was time to get to work.

So here’s what our Sunday looked like, three weeks ago.


5:17 AM

Little Miss S decided that 5 AM was late enough for a Sunday and she absolutely had to start chatting up, never mind whether the sun was up or not, or if the lights in the room were on or not, or if anyone else was listening to her talk or not. I like her confidence, and it’s not unfounded. She can singlehandedly wake everyone in the building up, such is the power of her voice and we should be grateful that she chooses not to, so it’s no surprise that she would successfully wake the two of us up.
Good morning, world!
This day marked the start of what would be the change in her sleeping patterns, or what I have now found out is also called Sleep Regression. This was supposed to happen at around 4 months of age, but she skipped that one, I guess. We would also find out later in the week that she is beginning to teethe, so that would also wake her and us up multiple times in a night, multiple nights in the next few weeks. No wonder I didn’t get stuff done. 😜

5:17 – 7:42 AM

During this time we both played with, talked to, and listened to her talk, but nothing would put her back to sleep, not even nursing or a clean diaper.

And then when I saw that my husband was able to sleep through the lights being on and her babbling, I put her on him. It was just cruel that he could sleep through this when I hadn’t slept in over FIVE MONTHS!

We continued entertaining her and being entertained by her for a while and finally around 7:15 AM she got tired and hungry and I nursed her to sleep. And since all three of us had been up for over two hours before we barely slept, we all went back to bed.

11 AM – Noon

We slept for three hours or so and when the baby woke up around 10:45 AM, we had no choice but to do so too.

While my husband freshened up, I changed her diaper. Then I handed her off to him so I could freshen up. He strapped her in her rocking chair and put the chair close to him in the kitchen (which he later moved to outside the kitchen upon my insistencce) so he could watch her while he made his tea.

Once he was done, I made coffee for myself. And if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I prefer coffee over tea. And if there are two things you should know about me then the second one should be that I don’t like ordinary coffee. It has to be made well even if it is home made coffee. So I mastered the art of making delicious cappuccinos at home without any fancy equipment. Watch the video below to see how!


Before I could finish my coffee, the new cook arrived. Let me give you a little background.

I did not plan this, I swear. But somehow it worked out in a way that when I did this the last time, I fired the cook, and this time, I was trying out a new one. So for the 4 weeks between these two events, I was cooking by myself with some help from my housemaid.

I had interviewed this lady the previous day. She had no experience as a cook but said she knew how to cook. I thought it would be a good thing because we could train her with respect to how things are done in our house. But as cooking takes about 2 hours and I would have to feed the baby at least once during this time (and God only know how long the feeding session would last) it would be a good idea to have some back up.

So I asked my mom to come stay with us for a week or so, so she could take over if I was busy with the baby. The new cook was supposed to come around 12:30, she showed up at noon. I mean, I am all for being punctual and everything, but 30 mins in advance threw me off guard especially because I was prepared for a 10-15 minute delay, so in that sense she was 40 minutes ahead of schedule.

Noon – 2:45 PM

I got her started in the kitchen. I asked her to cut vegetables and called my mom who was just leaving her house. By the time my mom arrived around 12:40 PM, she was done with the cutting. After a few minutes of grandma time, baby got hungry. So while I attended to the baby, my mom gave instructions in the kitchen, and she and my husband chatted about various things.

After the baby was done, I let her play for a while because I didn’t want to massage her immediately after a meal. While she played, I got things ready for her bath. I had washed and prepared her cloth diapers the previous day and I was eager to get started with it
So I picked a nice romper with red flowers that went well with my SuperbottomsBaby Talk Pocket Diaper. A series of blog posts on Cloth Diapers (What, how and why?) is in the works, so hang on. 😀

Once everthing else, including her bath water, was ready, I did her maalish. 1:40 PM is pretty late and usually, she’s already half asleep during this time, but since we had a lot of different things happening around the house, I was later than usual.

And because I was doing this late, even though she was fine while she was being bathed, she had absolutely no patience to go at a normal pace once we got out. She wanted to eat and sleep, and got extremely cranky. So except for this one photograph that you can see below, I had to pause the photo session and focus on putting the baby to bed.
After a good ten minutes of screaming, she finally stopped when she got milk. It took around 45 minutes, but at the end of it, she was sleeping peacefully.

2:45 – 4:30 PM

While I was taking care of baby’s afternoon bath and bedtime routine, there was some serious drama unfolding in the kitchen. Apparently, this new ‘cook’ didn’t know how to make Rotis. She only knew how to make Chapatis (and believe me, they are two very different things!) She almost burnt the first few Rotis and she didn’t know how to make rice in a pressure cooker.

We were prepared to teach her how things work in our house and how to make things the way we like them, but neither of us had the time to teach her how to cook since my mom works too. And if we were teaching her to cook, she should be paying us, not the other way around. At the very least, she shouldn’t be charging us 😉

What’s even more riduculous was that she asked for an extra 1,000 because she was was being asked to make Rotis for two meals – that’s 8 more chapatis – because that’s what others were charing. Did I tell you she just moved to Mumbai a few days ago? 🙄

I told her that today was her first day. Maybe she should actually learn how to make Rotis before she demanded more money to do something she didn’t know. And we were yet to eat what she made, so she was still under trial. Yes, I actually said that to her. By the time she was done, it was 3 PM and get this; before leaving she asked me if I had a packet – not one or two pieces – a packet of biscuits. For her daughter.😲 One day’s work in, she was already asking for a 33% hike and freebies.

I needed a cook so I decided to try her out for two more days before chucking her out.

I had my lunch while she was still there because I hadn’t eating anything since the coffee and biscuits. My husband and my mother ate after she left. It was then that I realised that I hadn’t documented anything in the last hour or so, so I took a picture of my sleeping baby.

Then we had a family meeting over the performance of the supposed cook and listed reasons why we should try her out and why we shouldn’t. We decided to give her one more day and then decide whether it was worth spending the time and energy in teaching her the basics of cooking.

Spoiler: I was right. It didn’t work out. She messed up Dal the following day.
It’s just easier to do it myself, you know.
And before I kew it, it was 4:30 and baby’s nap was over

I had swaddled her, so I opened her up to see if her diaper was dirty. It wasn’t, yet. It did not even feel wet because she’d worn it for a little over two hours. So I let it stay on for a another hour at least before I absolutely had to change it, and snapped a good picture instead.

Also, I noticed that her diaper had leaked a little bit. Fortunately, it was on her quick dry sheet and her pee doesn’t smell yet. So I just put those to wash and checked why this may have happened. I realised that her diaper was on a little loose from the sides. In the hury to dress her up and calm her down, I had forgotten to check about sizing. Also, I didn’t know how to because even though there were instructions on the pamphlet that came with the product, I got a little confused. So I immediately opened up Superbottom’s Channel on YouTube and watched a video on sizing the diaper and got the thing right. 🙌

4:30 – 6:30 PM

I fed her after I was done with sizing the diaper and when I was done with all baby related work and was free to go have a bath, this happened:

My mother napped….
…and so did my husband. Yay for helping hands.😏

So I decided to play with the baby. Also, confession. I think ‘She and I’ on the photo below is wrong and it should have been ‘Her and I’. Can anyone clear that up for me? Thanks. 🙏

Madam was busy doing this… something that she had recently figured out.

A few minutes later, my husband woke up when he realised that the baby was up. So I took the opportunity to take a picture of the fabric of the Soul Meh Dai that was sent to me. I wanted some good close-up shots of the fabric for the review I was going to write.

And then my husband made his evening tea and I had still not had a bath. So while he watched her, I crossed one more item off my daily chores.


6:30 – 8:30 PM

Once I was dressed up, we stepped out for a walk. I took the opportunity to wear her in my Aalia SSC from Anmol Baby Carriers.

She was asleep within twenty minutes, but not before taking in all of her surroundings.

And while she slept, we stopped at a snack stall and packed some Vada Pavs aand pakoras for us.

I came back home with her whereas my husband went to the supermarket to get groceries. She was up as soon as I got into the lift.

Once home, she and Nani played for a bit after all of us filled our stomachs.

And then she enjoyed some cuddles with her father before we had to prep for bedtime.


8:30 PM – bedtime

She’s always the MOST excited while I give her a sponge bath. There’s usually a lot of kicking and squealing happening around that time. Bu when that enthusiasm continued after she was dressed (she usually starts feeling drowsy around this step) I had little hope that she would sleep on time.
Turns out, I was right, because when she was still playful one hour after lights off, I decided that it was pointless and a waste of time to force her to get to sleep ‘coz it wasn’t going to happen. So I decided to have dinner and…
…there was some more playing till she was tired enough to fall asleep.

Finally, she fell asleep and I caught up on all the instagram posts in my feed. I was supposed to send out my first Newsletter that night so it would be in people’s inboxes Monday morning. But I sent it out last weeks (two weeks later). I will be sharing more Cloth Diapering updates and resources in the next few installments and I will soon be starting Baby Led Weaning for my little girl. So join my mailing list for information and updates.

Anyway, that’s what our day looked like. Thankfully I have blogged this just in time for my next Day in the Life. I think I’m going to do a weekday this time. If you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram to watch t in my Stories as and when I post.

I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with another post. 😀

What does your typical Sunday look like? Let me know in the comments.

Mamma Bear.

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