Why I Document EVERYTHING | Day 1/100

This post showed up in my memories today that reminded me that on this day last year, I had started the 100 Day Countdown to Laddoo’s second birthday. Meaning, as of today, there are a 100 days to go before she turns three. I had told myself that I won’t put myself through this again because I know I won’t even get to the 25-day mark before I get derailed.

What caught my attention, though, was the caption.

It was a just another ordinary day, parenting-wise, June 6, 2018, barring the fact that we had family come over that day – our first visitors in this (then) new house. But what had seemed ordinary then seems novel to me now, one year later.Being Mamma Bear Document Everything 100 days to 3 day 1 - 2My baby isn’t that little baby anymore. She’s still ‘a’ baby, but she’s outgrown the baby phase. She’s still adorable (to me) but the adorable quotient was much different last year.

Apparently, on that day, it was the first time that she’d said a proper “no” for something. When I read the post, more than the nostalgia what hit me was that if not for that post, I would have forgotten that her word for ‘no’ (even though she could say ‘no’) was ‘bey.’ And that reminded me why I was on Instagram in the first place. It reminded me why I used to take so many pictures every day. Of why I used to document every little detail.

Because if I didn’t, years later I wouldn’t remember that it ever happened.

Because everything is so fleeting.

Because so many things happen on a daily basis that what may seem ordinary today may be a major nostalgia-inducing memory later when she’s not so little anymore.

Because she is NOT AS LITTLE as she was last year.

Because she will NEVER again be as little as she is today.

Because really, how quickly they grow up!

So I am starting again. I’m NOT attempting to record a 100 glorious days because God knows that 7/7 days this past week have been far from normal, let alone glorious, but there have been little moments that I’ve already forgotten.

The thing is I don’t want them to be forgotten. So I’m going to do what I’m good at. I’m going to write about them. I could do this just today and not look at it again until next year. Or I could surprise myself and do this for more than 25 days. Either way, I would have recorded SOME memories, if not all. And as the saying goes, something IS better than nothing, right?

So here’s a little nugget from today.Being Mamma Bear Document Everything 100 days to 3 day 1 - 3

🗓 June 6, 2019
Day 1 of 100. 100 days to go.

During the past few weeks, we have been teaching her simple life skills like opening the main door (in case the door shuts when she’s inside and we’re out without our keys) or helping herself to snacks. We’ve also taught her how to turn the AC off. She’s figured out that it’s also how you turn it on, but the point we’re trying to drive across is that it’s supposed to be turned off when we’re not in the room.

Every time she wakes up from her nap, she walks out of the room and greets me. Then, I remind her that we have to go and turn the AC off, and we go back in and SHE presses the button on the remote, and beep, it’s off.

The last few days, I’ve been asking her if she turned it off. She says no, and we go in.

Today, however, she said ‘yes.’

I don’t think she knows of the existence of a concept called ‘lying’ but I decided to go into the room to check anyway. And voila, the AC was already turned off and the remote, nicely kept back in place.

I have never felt as proud of her for anything else as I did in the afternoon today. Probably not even when she’s completed a puzzle without any assistance from me.

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