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My weaning story – Part 1

Let me start by saying that even though I breastfed for 2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, 5 days, plus one more feed, I am not proud of the fact that I chose to wean so early. If the situation were different, I would have loved to go on for as long as Laddoo needed.… Continue reading My weaning story – Part 1

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Product Review | Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion

The touch of my baby’s palm on my face brings the kind of happiness that nothing else can. Sure, she doesn’t do that by herself and I have to guide her hand through it because if left to herself she will actually scratch my face. How do I know that? Because she has scratched my… Continue reading Product Review | Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion

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Of Mornings, Musings, and Mad Men

I am never going to be that kind of  a parent. The kind whose answer to every 'why' is 'because I told you so.' As a child, I would have loved some logical and practical answers to the things we were supposed to do. There is one particular thing that parents in every single household… Continue reading Of Mornings, Musings, and Mad Men