Gupshup with Laddoo PODCAST | Ep. 2 – Book Discussion: The Teeth Bugs and The Bunny by Rashmi Chand

Here, I am with episode 2 of #GupshupwithLaddoo, that too, within a month of the first episode. 2020 is already looking better than every other year, LOL!

At the start of this conversation, I had a very specific topic in mind. Laddoo had already finished dinner, had a bath, brushed her teeth, and was ready for bed. In another week or so, we’ll be moving back to our house and there, she has a bed of her own. Until now, we’ve been co-sleeping, but I want that to change so I thought it’d be an appropriate time to talk to her about sleeping in her own bed, in her own room, without me or her father being present.

To begin with, the conversation went well. But then it took a detour.

While talking about how she’ll sleep, she mentioned that she wanted me to read to her instead of singing and then she went and picked out a book that I wanted to review anyway. So I didn’t interfere with the turn it had taken, and now you can hear my almost-three-and-a-half-year-old indirectly tell you how awesome this book is, because she’s so fond of it that we read it every day.

The book is called “The Teeth Bugs and The Bunny” and is written by Rashmi Chand @notjustmommying.

Stay tuned for the full review on my blog, even though Laddoo’s feedback should be enough to encourage you to check this book out. 😍😍

Click here to get your own copy of the book.*

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