Week 4 Recap – DOCUMENT | #WordoftheWeek2020

In the spirit of documenting, here’s a day by day recap of the Week 4 of 2020. 🙂 Week 4, Day 1 Wednesday, January 22, 2020. I was much more relaxed than usual this day right from the time I woke up because Sandeep was home. He had worked on Saturday, so a comp-off was … More Week 4 Recap – DOCUMENT | #WordoftheWeek2020

#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 4 – DOCUMENT

The whole reason I created an online profile and became ‘Being Mamma Bear’ was… well, to be able to share pregnancy updates with strangers, anonymously, because we had told only family and close friends, and didn’t want to make this life-update ‘public’ before the baby was born. But then after Laddoo’s birth, once everything was … More #WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 4 – DOCUMENT