#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 3 – CREATE

This was a no-brainer for me. I’m almost certain that I knew this was going to be my word even before I knew I was going to do a word a week.

I’ve suspected that a major reason behind the way I was feeling was because I wasn’t exercising my creativity as much as I should have. My craft supplies were packed in boxes when we moved out of the rented flat and into our own in May 2018. Even after months of living in the new house, the boxes were still in our storeroom, unopened, for various reasons.

1. Laddoo had already started reaching out for things and anywhere other than a high shelf would have made things all too accessible for her. While I’m okay with she using some of them sometimes to play, unrestricted access would have been a bit much.

2. We didn’t have a shelf for them because the one they were in in the old house had given away and we decided not to bring it to the new house.

Things didn’t get better when neither of our cupboards fit in the space dedicated for them, our bed was too big for the room, and we could only accommodate one side table. We realised that some of our furniture, heck, most of it, would have to go. Replacing that many items would have put us in a tough position.

So we decided to wait for a year or so, till we could save up enough to get furniture made to size. At that point in time, we specifically decided to not buy any new furniture either because what if it didn’t fit in our larger scheme of design when we did the house in a year or so? We’d have to get rid of it again. We decided to wait and get the whole house done when we were ready – financially and mentally – and then think about it.

So I pushed most of my supplies into the storeroom where they’re probably gathering dust because even today, over 18 months later, they’re still in there.

But that’s going to change soon. Like, in just a little over a month.

They’re going to be able to be out in the open and breathe, and I’m sure I will feel more relaxed too. While planning the interior design of our house, more care was taken to create a workspace for me, to ensure that there are ample of places for me to express my creativity, and to make a dedicated place for me to sit and read/laze.

But until my haven is ready, I’m going to Create with whatever supplies I have at my disposal. I have my brush pens, water colours, paintbrushes, pens, and Laddoo’s crayons, sketch pens, and colour pencils too. And I’m going to make the most of it.

And just so I don’t use the term ‘Create’ loosely, let me give it a little more direction.

This week, I am going to…


  1. A Tiny Greeting Card
  2. A lettered quote
  3. Space in my head and in my life so I can invite new ideas and new people into it.
  4. Maybe a little magic for myself and my family. Not sure how, but I have a feeling expressing that as my intention will get things going somehow.

…in addition to lettering ‘Word of the Week.’

And if I have time, I will try and squeeze in another item as well.

Okay, so that was my word for this week. What’s yours?

If you’re playing along and you create a post, remember to use #WordoftheWeek2020 so I can find your post(s).

If this is your first time, see this post to get started.

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