#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 1 – Adapt

Resistance to change has been one of the biggest things to bring me and my mood down in the past few years. I start something new, things go fine for a few days, then life throws me a curve ball (I don’t even know which sport that phrase belongs to, but it fits) and I cannot go on like this any more.

Like Joey says, “There’s gotta be a better way!”

And then you all say, “Indeed, there is, Kevin… umm… Nikita,” and like a bolt of lightning, it hits me.

And it’s not like it’s Newton discovering gravity. Actually, it is exactly like that. It was right there in front of him, but he didn’t realise it until the apple fell from the tree. Now I’m not calling myself Newton, oh what blasphemy would that be, but I’m saying that it was right in front of me and I needed something akin to an apple falling to make me realise what the solution to this vicious cycle was.

If, like me, you’ve been stuck in a similar situation, listen up, because it might just be the only time I give ANY GYAAN AT ALL.

To break the cycle, it is important to know and remember that all days are not the same. The trick is to accept the change in my situation, with open arms nonetheless, as if I’m asking the Universe to ‘Bring it on,’ and then find a way to make it work.

Instead, the last few years, I’ve spent time wondering why it was happening to me because I was convinced that I was going through a string of bad luck because I did everything right, and the Universe conspired to make things difficult for me. Bad luck, the root of all evils, the thing that keeps you from taking any responsibility for your own actions, the guy you can pass the buck to.

Well, that was a load of crap. Yes, I did everything right. Almost.

What I should have done was, accept the change.

So then, why isn’t my word for the week ‘accept’? Because acceptance is just part 1 of the process. What I really need to do is ADAPT myself to the new situation, and make it the new NORMAL for me.

And that’s what I plan to do this week.

I will create a routine for myself, a plan that will help me stay on top of everything I want to do. If it works, awesome. If it doesn’t, I will find ways to make it work. It’s as simple as that, at least when I write it. Putting it into action might be way harder than it sounds, but hey, it’s just week one and I’m full of fresh energy especially after my social media break, and all.

So step 1: Accept that once the curveball is delivered (?) THAT is my present situation.

Step 2: Adapt and make my calendar/to-do list fit into that decision.

Step 3: If the situation becomes more difficult than I can handle, I will have to compromise and do only what’s most important.

I will not fret over little things.

I will ADAPT. Because in 2020, I want to ADAPT.

Here’s hoping that seven days of practise will help prepare me for the rest of the year at least.

That’s my word for this week. ADAPT.

What’s yours?

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