Week 5 RECAP – Embrace, Enjoy, Eat | #WordoftheWeek2020

This is a picture of a chocolate éclair and donut from Mad Over Donuts, bot of which went into my tummy after a super relaxing facial session last weekend. And sadly, this is the only picture I have of the guilty pleasures I indulged in over the last seven days or so. Sorry, Elina @dietfunda_official.

This past week I have been chilled out, relaxed, and lazy because I had decided to EMBRACE all the challenges that came my way. I know I started this year with ‘ADAPT’ as my word, and my goal with this whole exercise is to not just make weekly changes in my life and attitude, but also to continue to do so for the rest of the year.

With Adapt, it was easy as it was the first week of the year. I just had to alter my expectations and my strategy to make them fit the current situation. The few complications that I face that week weren’t so bad either because I had just gotten back in the swing of things after a long social media break.

But as the weeks went by, the complications started compounding, and not only did it become difficult to adapt, it became difficult to function. I realised that while making practical alterations to my schedule and routine allowed me to do stuff, the never-ending-ness of it made my head spin and I did what I always do.

I slept.

My body has this amazing defence-mechanism where it makes me sleepy when I have a ton of work piled on. I did that during my CA exams too, and then again last week. Oh how much I’ve slept!

Of course that didn’t help matters. It only added more to my already long to-do list. Between the interior work of our house, my writing goals, house chores, and Laddoo, I was already tired and at a point where I was asking myself if this #WordoftheWeek2020 was going to be another one of those things that I only did in January and then forgot about.

Then I realised that I needed to alter my emotional approach too.

Yes, adapting to the new situation was extremely important, but sulking while doing it was not the way. But finding the silver lining would definitely make all of this bearable. So I EMBRACED the… whatever it was.

More sleep? Yes please. How can I even say ‘NO’ to that?

A little more junk food than I’d like? Why not?

Not enough words written this week? So what?

Spa trip instead of writing or lettering? Of course, because, SANITY FIRST!

Binge-watching Modern Family? BRING IT ON!!

How many steps each day? Wait. Was I supposed to be doing that?

Am I going to regret any or all of it – eating junk, not working out, not writing as much? Maybe. Maybe not. But I sure as hell didn’t fret over it much this week.

I hope this week (Week 6) is better because the week after that is going to be extremely hectic again.

Stay tuned to see what my word for Week 6 (F) is. 🙂

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