I’m NOT Pretty | #ConversationswithLaddoo

Laddoo doesn’t like her hair left open.

This photo is an exception because of the hairband. And even that lasted only till her just-washed hair dried up. Then it was back in a pony tail. 🙄

Baandh do, baandh do,” she’ll say [Tie it up, tie it up] as soon as I touch her rubber band to pull it out so that I can comb her hair.

But sometimes I like to have a little fun. I have a girl baby, with long hair, and I like to see it open sometimes. She, on the other hand, doesn’t stay still even for a second to ALLOW me to see how her face looks with her hair open. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So tonight, as I was getting her ready for bed, I opened her hair, only to tie it up again, and she started with, “Baandh do, baandh do,” again.

“But it looks so pretty,” I pleaded with her, like I always do.

“It’s NOT pretty,” she said, like she always does. 🙄

“It IS PRETTY. And you are pretty too.”

“I’M NOT PRETTY,” she almost yelled.

“But you are. So pretty, look,” I said, trying to bring her to the mirror.

“No, I’m not pretty,” she said, almost in tears because she just wanted her hair tied up. Have I mentioned that she’s fascinated with my mom-bun and sometimes wants to step out with her hair tied EXACTLY like mine 😬😬😬

Anyway, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to see her with open hair today as well. But I didn’t like the direction this conversation was taking. I didn’t want her to think that her appearance mattered.

So I asked her, “So what are you then?”

And without blinking an eyelid, she said, “I’m good.”

Now she may not have meant it the way we grow ups do (or she may have totally meant it EXACTLY that way) but I’m kinda proud of that thought.

Being a good person is obviously much more important. And I’m glad she knows that. ❤️

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