#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 4 – DOCUMENT

The whole reason I created an online profile and became ‘Being Mamma Bear’ was… well, to be able to share pregnancy updates with strangers, anonymously, because we had told only family and close friends, and didn’t want to make this life-update ‘public’ before the baby was born.

But then after Laddoo’s birth, once everything was out in the open, this became a place for me to document our everyday life; my journey as a mother and wife, Laddoo’s milestones and the cute as well as not-so-cute stuff that she does. As of this moment, I do realise that there’s more to me than being a mother and a wife (and knew that even back then, which is why my personal Instagram and blog never stopped existing even though the name has changed a few times) but this account is for my life as a mom only, so let’s talk about just that.

I documented everything vehemently through sleepless nights, tired days, frequent/constant nursing, teething, sleep regressions – all the milestones, all the cuteness, and the monthly vidoes – up until the one year mark. After Laddoo’s first birthday, it was as if a switch went off.

I posted things in spurts – active for a whole week and then disappearing for three – and I missed sharing so many things. I wrote Part 1 of posts that never made it to Part 2, I started things and didn’t finish (100 day countdowns, 100 word posts), and then last year even LORM came to a standstill.

Side note: LORM will be revived once we are back upstairs, and settled in our own house. Once the work upstairs is done and we will be in our moving phase again, and I might have to skip one or two of my word of the week posts as well. So since LORM is already in ‘pause’ mode, I doesn’t make sense to restart challenges when I know I may have to stop again soon. So we will be back in April or May. Stay tuned. 🙂

Anyway, I don’t want to list out the reasons why I was unable to do these things, but suffice to say that I don’t want to do that any more. Even if I don’t share ANY OF IT online, photos shall be clicked, videos shall be shot, and I shall do the documenting of my life with as much fervour as I do the drinking of my coffee, or the writing of my words. I sound so much like Lorelai Gilmore, LOL!

Speaking of writing, just this morning, I was feeling bad about starting out really well in December and keeping up with my writing, but losing steam with that too in the past few days. In December, I had started with an easy target of 500 words a day for myself and I was working on just my novel. From January, since I’d gotten into the habit of writing every day, I increased that goal to 1,000 words a day: 500 for Azure (my novel) and 500 for Social Media (that’s Instagram captions, blog posts, etc.)

Because I also started lettering and posting regularly, on some days, I could only work on my novel or only on my social media posts. I did more than 500 words every day, but very rarely was I able to do 500+ on both. And with being unable to write every day last week, I was sure that I must be lagging far behind and it’s only January 23rd! I was supposed to be able to do this properly for at least a month before such a situation arose.

Lucky for me, I am sooooo good at DOCUMENTING everything when I really set my mind to it. I maintain DETAILED LOGS of my daily writing, I’m almost obsessive about it. So when I saw my cumulative sheet (it shows individual daily word counts for both, Azure and Social Media, as well as the total daily counts, and total cumulative counts), I was thrilled when I saw that as of this moment, including this paragraph, this sentence, and THESE WORDS, I have written a total of 20,905 words in January 2020, out of which 9,829 words are for Azure, and the balance 11,076 words are for all my social media posts.

At 1,000 words a day, as of today, I should be at 23,000 words so technically I DO have a deficit of 2,095 words, but I’m going to focus on the fact that I achieved 90.89% of my target. Besides, I still have the second half of the day to get cracking on the deficit. I’m pretty sure I can do a 1,000 more words before I hit the bed.

So this week, I want to…


I’m going to click more pictures, write more, and CREATE more memories to look back on later. Why create? Well, I have a backlog from last week also, no? LOL!

Okay, so that was my word for this week. What’s yours?

If you’re playing along and you create a post, remember to use #WordoftheWeek2020 so I can find your post(s).

If this is your first time, see this post to get started.

If you have a private Instagram account, please ping me on @beingmammabear so I can follow you and see your post(s).

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