No naps on Family Day | Day 4/100

Of us-time, skipped naps, and junk food – that’s what this perfectly ordinary Sunday was all about. I got some free time in the morning after what felt like ages when my husband took Laddoo downstairs, and I was glued to the book I was reading*. They were out for barely 30 minutes, but my GOD that felt great.

Being Mamma Bear 100 days to 3 day 4 - The Children of Tomorrow Om Swami Harper Collins - 1

Laddoo spent a better part of the rest of the morning banging sticks (that came with her beading game*) on her puzzle boxes, and I must say that she’s pretty good at holding a beat, much like her mother. Those of who who’ve shared a desk with me at school or college would know what I mean. And sorry(not sorry) if it annoys you, you’re going see more of this proud mother showing off , mostly on stories, that her almost-three-year-old can be like (hang on, let me ask Sandeep for names of famous drummers… oh, you want me to google, well tell me who your favourite is that you want her to be like… oh, what a drama queen, bol naaaa) Lars Ulrich of Metallica or Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree.

We then moved on to puzzles where Laddoo tried her hand at a 60 piece puzzle* before naptime, which, of course, she skipped because she was too excited to see her dad at home for more than 30 minutes since she woke up. She probably thought he’d run off to work if she shut her eyes, so she refused to nap. Earlier, I would have made a HUGE fuss about her skipping naps because that meant she got overtired before bedtime and would definitely wake up at a random hour in the night and stay up to play. Fortunately, those days are behind us. Now, a skipped nap meant earlier bedtime, so guess who’s not complaining. 🙋🏻‍♀

So we got dressed and headed off to the club, where, once again, she made me proud. I love it when people are amazed that a child this young can handle a bowl of soup and drink with that big soup spoon without spilling. For all the mess it created, baby led weaning does pay off in the end.Being Mamma Bear 100 days to 3 day 4 - 4

While we waited for our food to arrive, I read ‘The Children of Tomorrow’ while my husband read ‘The Jungle Radio’ to her. When she saw me put a book in my bag, she asked us to carry hers too.

We came right back and chilled a bit at home. We finally started the television since morning and she watched, my husband watched with her, while I read some more and FINISHED THE BOOK. Yes, in a little over 30 hours since I began. Granted it was 170 pages only, but you’d be surprised at how long it can take to get through half of that when the book drags on. Will share more about that soon.Being Mamma Bear 100 days to 3 day 4 - The Children of Tomorrow Om Swami Harper Collins - 2

Anyway, Laddoo had a quick and early dinner during which my mom video-called and Laddoo performed her antics for her grandmother and great-grandparents. After giving Laddoo a bath, my husband sneaked out to get a haircut and get some essential items for the rest of the week, while I told her she’d see her father in the morning when she kept asking for him repeatedly. She came out of the bedroom to make sure he wasn’t actually at home. It was around 7:20 PM and she looked outside the window in our living room and said, “Look, Amma! The sky is yellow!”Being Mamma Bear 100 days to 3 day 4 - 5

And indeed, it was. So yellow (and a little bit of orange) that when I was walking into the living room and looked at the yellowish tinge on the tile just, I assumed he had left the light on in the balcony.

I almost expected it to rain, and though I found out later that it DID in some parts of Mumbai, it didn’t rain where we live. But as I write this at 7:20 AM the following day, the sky has just turned a little blue from being almost as yellow as it was 12 hours ago, and the fact that it’s not as blue as it usually is, hold some possibility of us seeing rains today.

P.S. The picture, once again, is an older picture from a Sunday evening in April this year.

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