Life of Real Moms

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I have been Mamma Bear since March 2016 when I started documenting my pregnancy. A year and a month later, I don’t just have an online diary of the last thirteen months of my life, I have made some really good friends. I never thought I’d exchange numbers with women that I met online, but gone are the days when it was considered dangerous. Today, I have more “online friends” than “people I know and have met in real life” friends and I’m way more connected to the former than the latter. And these are all real people – bloggers or not.

Behind every staged and perfect instagram photo, is a Mom who is as real as you and me. Her struggles are the same as ours and so are her wins, her concerns are the same as ours even though she may be raising her baby in her own way. But we all have one thing in common – we are Moms and we are real. Sometimes our house is messy, and our hair is unkempt, but we don’t bother about that because we don’t care as long as our babies are happy.

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Life of Real Moms is my way of bringing that community to you, so you can experience the joy of seeing another mother’s baby achieving milestones, so you can share your parenting concerns knowing that someone else is sailing in the same boat, so you can find your tribe, so your baby can have virtual Maasis like mine does (and it really pisses one of my sisters off, but I’ll talk to her.)

So every month, I will introduce you to a Real Mom that I made a connection with. And together we will host a 15-day long prompt-based Photo Challenge where the primary goal is to get to know each other better. We will try to bring exciting prizes for you, but I’m sure you’re in it for more than a gift. At least, I hope you are.

To know more about the challenge, how to play along, and any T&C when there are sponsors, visit the pages below.

14 thoughts on “Life of Real Moms

  1. what a beautiful concept of making moms feel special ….Lovely…not very tech savy but will surely try my luck to meet and build new friends in this virtual world …Thank you


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