August 2017

Theme: Nourish, Nurture & Flourish

Co-Host: Nayantara @mommyingbabyt

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Please read till the end of this page to read challenge specific Rules, as well as specific T&C in addition to the General Rules & Guidelines.

We Are Real Moms August 2017 Prompts Being Mamma Bear Mommying Babyt WARM_Aug2017 Nourish Nurture Flourish - version 2

Tips for Interpreting the Prompts

Listed below, are our (hosts’) intentions behind the prompts. Since August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week and our theme is “Nourish, Nurture & Flourish” our primary focus is going to be Breastfeeding when it comes to “Nourish”, and Babywearing when it comes to “Nurture.” But feel free to interpret Nourish as any kind of food/nourishment you provide to your baby, and Nurture as whatever form of love and affection you show to nurture your relationships

  1. Dear Baby – A letter to your baby/babies.
  2. #WisdomWednesday – Share a tip that helped you in your breastfeeding journey. It could be about how to take adequate rest, tips for a healthy diet, or anything else. You could also share any tip that you think a new mom (breastfeeding or not) would find helpful. You can use any picture you like.
  3. #KeepThemClose – As babywearing moms, we love to keep our babies close and comfy by wearing them. How do you keep your babies close? A tight hug, quality time with older kids? Share with us.
  4. #FreakyFriday* – As new moms, we also get to hear the most ridiculous things that we must do!! Share with us a Freaky advice that you or someone you know received and we could all have a laugh! *We would love to read about ridiculous breastfeeding advice but any other random advice would be great too. You can use any picture you like.
  5. Breastlympics* – Babies love to nurse in the funniest of positions. Share some with us! If your baby is too young to do circus tricks during feeding sessions, you could share a #brelfie. And if you aren’t breastfeeding, share any funny meal time picture! *We know that you may not be comfortable sharing Breastfeeding pictures, and we don’t want you to feel like you have to overshare. So you can either take a picture that doesn’t reveal much or edit the picture using PicsArt App to make it look like this.

    Processed with Rookie Cam
    Yes, this is my baby having milk from my breast but the picture doesn’t reveal anything.
  6. Heart of Gold – This Friendship Day, tag your friend(s) in the caption and tell them how awesome they are!
  7. Bhaiyya Mere* – Show us a glimpse of your celebrations today. *If you don’t have a brother, show us how you celebrated with your sisters! Or tell your brother(s)/sister(s)/cousin(s) how much you love them.
  8. Mom’s Magic – Moms have magic in their hands right? Remember what tasty food our moms cook? But now we are moms, so we have some magical powers too, right? Share something that you quickly whipped up (a recipe that you developed on the spot) and your baby/husband/family loved!!
  9. Dear ________ – As a part of Flourish, we want you to focus on a relationship that may not have been the same since the baby came along. It could be your spouse, partner, sibling, friend, parent, co-worker. Pick one person (or more) and write a letter to them.
  10. Adults Live Here Too – A house with a baby has its tell-tale signs. Colourful pieces of toys strewn around, baby proofed doors and safety gates, baby chairs and accessories. But there must be some part of your house that’s still for you or you and your partner; a place that shows that adults live in the house too. Is it your bedroom? A reading nook? A home office? Show us!
  11. #FridayIntroducstions | 10 Things I Learnt After I Became A Mom – Motherhood teaches us a LOT! What are the 10 things you learnt? Let us get to know each other better.
  12. Paint the town RED – It’s Saturday! Go out! Take that special person along with you and paint the town red! Date night, Movie, meet the girls for coffee… whatever you like!
  13. Sunday Ritual – Show us what your Sunday Ritual is. Is it a bubble bath for baby? Or a family lunch/brunch? Or sleeping in (baby-willing)? Let us know.
  14. Makes Me Happy – Do something that makes you happy! A hobby you haven’t practised in a while, or read a book, or watch a movie, or catch up with friends or on sleep. 😜
  15. Tiranga – Get creative with the colours of our flag! 🇮🇳


Challenge Specific Rules

1. Have a PUBLIC Account.

2. Follow both hosts on Instagram

2. Follow ALL sponsors on Instagram

4. To be eligible for ANY Prize you have to:

  • Use BOTH hashtags on ALL posts: #WeAreRealMoms #WARM_AUG2017 [Please note that the monthly hashtag has only the first three letters of the month – AUG]
  • Post for AT LEAST 12 out of 15 prompts by August 16, 11:59 PM IST. i.e., only one extra day to catch up before winners are announced.
  • Follow all other rules.

6. For location specific sponsors, please see more details on our Sponsor Page for August 2017.


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