May 2017

Theme: Mother’s Day

Co-Host: Perzen Patel

Sponsors: Details about Prizes on the Sponsor Page.

Please read through the page to read challenge specific Rules, as well as specific T&C in addition to the General Rules & Guidelines.

WARM Prompts Poster - May2017 FINAL

  1. Dear Sleep – Anything to do with sleep (or the lack of it 😉 ) or nap time.
  2. Snuggles with my fav – A picture of you and your favourite person, snuggling.
  3. My Bump & I – A picture of your bump (current or flashback)
  4. Pregnancy/Mommy Brains – Something you messed up
  5. Summer Fruits – Self-explanatory. Get creative with fruits.
  6. Me Time – Also self-explanatory.
  7. Taste the Love* (Boomerang) – Something that tastes like love.
  8. Multitasking Mom – A picture of you being Super Mom!
  9. Made with Love – Something handmade or cooked that you made or received.
  10. Family Memories – A special family picture, recent or flashback.
  11. Go Green – What you do to save the environment.
  12. Baby says… – Something from the point of view of your (unborn) baby.
  13. Flashback with mom – A old picture of you and your mom. If you have a picture of when you were in your mom’s tummy, even better.
  14. Snapshots of Today* (Album) – One or more pictures of how you celebrated Mother’s Day today.
  15. Tummy Time/Bump Time Giggles – A picture of baby loving tummy time or if you are still pregnant, a picture of you loving your bump!

*Day 7 is a Boomerang Prompt, where as Day 14 is an Album prompt (single picture will work too). Please share ONE Picture on all other days.


Challenge Specific Rules

1. Follow both hosts – @beingmammabear & @perzenpatel

2. Follow ALL sponsors

3. Like 9 Shines Label on Facebook.

4. Join the Superbottoms Family Group on Facebook.

5. To be eligible for the Photo shoot by The Looking Glass Photography & Styling by 9 Shines Label, you have to be a resident of Mumbai.

  • Post entries for ALL 15 prompts by May 18, 11:59 PM IST. You cannot skip any prompt.
  • Follow all other rules.
  • Your hashtags will be: #WeAreRealMoms #WARM_May2017 #WARM_May2017Mum

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