November 2017

Show & Tell

Disha @photostoriesbyd

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More details about Prizes –> here.

Please read till the end of this page to read:

  • Challenge specific Rules
  • Specific T & C in addition to the General Rules & Guidelines.
  • T & C for Winner(s)
  • Phone Wallpaper for Download with the List of Prompts for November. (end of the page)

We Are Real Moms November 2017 Prompts Being Mamma Bear photostoriesbyd WARM_NOV2017 Show and Tell

Tips for Interpreting the Prompts

On our Instagram, every day we will share tips for interpreting the prompts. This will be done one day in advance as a separate post. Not only that, we also have a panel of writers, photographers, and bloggers who will be sharing photography and writing tips with you to help you click better pictures and write better captions during the course of this contest. You don’t want to miss this.😇

We have a very active Facebook Group on which we will have many activities going on during the course of this contest. The most significant one being our ‘Fast Four Features’ where the first four participants to post their links on the Daily Thread on the Facebook Group will get a guaranteed feature, provided their posts fulfill all conditions (will be mentioned in the post.) Click here to join our Facebook Group.

Challenge Specific Rules


1. Have a PUBLIC Account.

2. Follow both hosts on Instagram

3. Follow ALL sponsors on Instagram

4. To be eligible for ANY Prize you have to:

  • Use BOTH hashtags on ALL posts: #WeAreRealMoms and #WARM_NOV2017 [Please note that the monthly hashtag has only the first three letters of the month – NOV]
  • Post for AT LEAST 12 out of 15 prompts by November 16, 11:59 PM IST. i.e., only one extra day to catch up before winners are announced.
  • Follow all other rules.

Terms & Conditions for the Winner(s)

If chosen as the winner, you…
1. MUST contact @wearerealmoms on Instagram within 48 hours of Winner Announcement, or we will pick another winner.

2. MUST Repost the Winner Announcment on the main IG Feed and mention the Hosts AND the Sponsors in the caption (@username).

3. After receiving the prize, Winner MUST post:

  • AT LEAST THREE (3) separate Posts – Photo/Video/Album to their Instagram Feed (not stories).
  • AT LEAST TWO (2) Stories.
  • These posts and stories must be spread out over the course of a month, and must not be posted all together.
  • Mention all Hosts and Sponsors in the caption in each post.
  • Use the Hashtag #WARM_Winners in each post.
  • Winner may be required to post a detailed review of the product(s) on their blog (if winner has one) AND/OR on Instagram.

4. Any other T&C set by the sponsor for the current month.

And here’s a little something to help you remember the prompts.
A wallpaper for your phone. 😍

(Right click to save.)
Phone Wallpaper We Are Real Moms November  2017 Prompts Being Mamma Bear photostoriesbyd WARM_NOV2017 Show and Tell.png

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