September 2017

Theme: If You’re Happy & You Know It

Co-Host: Katerina @oneupbaby

Sponsored by

More details about Prizes on the here.

Please read till the end of this page to read challenge specific Rules, as well as specific T&C in addition to the General Rules & Guidelines.We Are Real Moms September 2017 Prompts Being Mamma Bear Oneupbaby WARM_Sep2017 If you're happy and you know it


Tips for Interpreting the Prompts

This month we want your efforts to be focussed towards the picture! Take the nursery rhyme and interpret it any way you want, but we MUST be able to tell which rhyme it is just looking at your picture. Your caption can be ANYTHING you want.

We are listing a few examples of interpretations below.

Example 1: Rain, Rain Go Away

A picture of you getting wet in the rain, a paper boat in the puddle, a picture of an umbrella in a book or on your baby’s clothes, etc.

Example 2: 5 Little Monkeys

A picture of monkeys – real, live monkeys, or toys, or baby jumping on the bed, or baby in a monkey costume, etc.

More details will be shared on a daily basis on our Facebook Group.

Challenge Specific Rules

1. Have a PUBLIC Account.

2. Follow both hosts on Instagram

3. Follow ALL sponsors on Instagram

4. To be eligible for ANY Prize you have to:

  • Use BOTH hashtags on ALL posts: #WeAreRealMoms #WARM_SEP2017 [Please note that the monthly hashtag has only the first three letters of the month – SEP]
  • Post for AT LEAST 12 out of 15 prompts by September 16, 11:59 PM IST. i.e., only one extra day to catch up before winners are announced.
  • Follow all other rules.

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