Dear Nikita: A Letter to my pre-pregnant Self.

Dear Nikita,
This is future you, exactly one year from now. I know that you’re trying to get pregnant, I know what’s about to follow and how you’ll feel about it. So I just thought I’d warn you about a few lot of things and also tell you what you will enjoy during a major part of the year. This is only because ‘No one told me about this,’ is going to be your anthem for 2016. So I’ll solve that problem for you, for next time.😜
In exactly eleven days from now, you’re going to know that you’re pregnant. It will be another week before that faint line on the pregnancy test becomes clear and you’ll know that you’re pregnant for sure, but it will happen and soon. Also, could you relax a bit and wait till you actually miss your periods to take a test? Lucky for you, it showed you a positive even when you tested early. Imagine your disappointment if it hadn’t. Next time, don’t jump the gun, ‘kay?
For you, that was the easy part.

You may think you’re prepared for what’s about to happen, for how your body is going to change, for how much it is going to change, but trust me, you’re not. Because even though many of your friends got pregnant before you, your experience is going to be completely different from all of them.
Your body will tell you very early into your pregnancy that there’s something going on. No, you’re not imagining things. Yes, you really can smell the dirty dishcloth in the kitchen that’s four feet away. No, it’s not that dirty because that’s not how the ‘strong sense of smell’ works.
Here’s what no one told you (and that’s only because they didn’t experience it this way):
Your morning sickness will start on Day 1 of Week 6. It will be April end by the time it goes away.
You will throw up. A lot. Sometimes four times a day.
You will hate everything that smells, especially fragrances.
Everything will smell, and you will realise it is more of ‘aversion to’ smells rather than a ‘strong sense’ of it.
Throw out all lavender fragrances, or at least hide them in air-tight boxes. Don’t attempt to open or smell them till June. They are the ones that’ll empty the contents of your stomach within seconds.
You will hate food. You will feel hungry every couple of hours. But you will hate food and how it tastes. You will still eat it because you have to.
You will feel thirsty, a lot. You will hate the taste of water. It will make you throw up. You will still drink it. Drinking water immediately after a meal will feel like drinking oil. Still, you will drink it.
You’ll feel like sleeping all day. You’ll sleep for a good number of hours during the day. You’ll wake up to pee very frequently, though. Day or night.
You’ll have to ditch all the plans you made for 2016. Oh, and you wasted money on the planner, by the way, because no matter how good your intentions were, you will end up wasting half the pages because you won’t use them.

I know you planned on reading many books this year and no, you weren’t being over ambitious. But given your situation, you won’t find the time or the energy to read because you’ll want to sleep. You’ll prefer watching TV because it’s easier and uses fewer brain cells.
Your New Year’s Resolutions won’t happen after January 17th either because you will start to feel your first trimester tiredness. You will think you have the flu, but you’re just pregnant. Oh, and you’ll get a horrible cough that’ll last till March. Good luck with that. 👍
You’ll be advised minimum movement and rest until May, so you’re pretty much stuck at home. You’ll step out during weekends, but it’s not like you can go out and have fun. Tough luck. 💁
It’s a good thing you already stopped coffee. Cutting it now would have given you headaches and you don’t need to add that to everything that’s already going on.
You will start to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, why you did this to yourself. But you know that this phase will pass. You know that you will feel better. And even if you don’t and the rest of your pregnancy turns out to be a nightmare, that’s okay because at the end of eight months (seven and a half, actually 😉 ) it will all be over. You won’t miss the first trimester, and it’s okay to feel that way.
You will binge-watch Suits and LOVE IT! You will re-watch Game of Thrones, with subtitles this time, and it will tie all loose ends and make so much more sense this time around, so that’s good.
You will start to feel like yourself by your birthday. You will go out with your sisters and have some fun. You will do a great job of documenting your pregnancy. And soon enough, you’ll start feeling your baby move.
The first time it’ll happen around midnight, and you’ll stay up for a few more hours just to feel that again. You’ll think you’re crazy but I know how awesome the feeling is! Who wouldn’t want to keep feeling that?
It won’t happen again for another three or four weeks, but when it starts, it won’t stop and you’ll love it. Except for the one jab on your rib cage, your baby will only make you happy when it moves (I‘m saying ‘it’ because I want the baby’s gender to be a surprise! 😜) and when it’s all over, you’ll miss this. You’ll only miss this about your whole pregnancy.
You have a couple of months to feel normal again before the weight of your belly makes you tired again and moving around becomes difficult. Turning in bed from your left to the right will become a minute-long exercise.
Getting off the bed and taking the first few steps to the bathroom will hurt your pelvis and the balls of your feet. You will do this at least four times every night. Some nights, even six.
Your hands and feet will swell. You’ll probably need new footwear, so that’s something good. And while we’re talking about ‘new’ stuff, better get some new clothes to accommodate your growing belly. Never has your ‘paunch’ looked so good. So flaunt it while it lasts.
Your feet will hurt from standing or walking for more than fifteen minutes. But don’t worry, Sandeep will start giving you foot massages. 😊 And he will also start grocery shopping by himself because you literally can’t, so that’s a win!😉
So stop complaining. You know how badly you wanted this.Yes, I know you’ll be uncomfortable for a long time, but remember that it’s not forever. So cheer up.
Here’s something that’ll help. 😊
You will have two Baby Showers – one thrown by your sisters and the other, the traditional one.
And before you know it, your baby will be here and you will no longer be pregnant. So cherish the last few weeks.
You will do a few things right. Like…
You will clean up and get everything ready for baby’s arrival just two days before the birth even though the due date is another two weeks away.
You and Sandeep will have four days together just before the birth, and other than nesting, you’ll also squeeze in time for a photo shoot and a dinner date. 😊
Just remember that every pregnancy is different. I know that the first trimester will make you feel like you don’t want to do this again, but you know what? In a few months, you will feel differently. Besides, who’s to say that the next one will be just as bad? The good thing is that you’ve probably experienced most of the extreme symptoms and you know how to deal with them. You don’t have to decide right now.
Your life is going to change. You are no longer going to be thinking just about yourself, even during your pregnancy. But you’re going to do a good job. It comes naturally to you. Just remember to stay positive throughout the entire journey. It will help you a lot.
Will write again, soon.

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