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So, technically, this is my first post on this new blog, the .com. All the previous posts were written on my old blog and were imported here, but I digress because I am kind of excited. And that’s not the only reason I’m excited. I have an announcement and even though I’m sure it’s clear from the title of this post, I will still say it.

I am now a Blogger Ambassador for Superbottoms Cloth Diapers and I’m #superexcited about it. This is really, really very special to me as this is the first official accolade for me as Being Mamma Bear.


Superbottoms is what I started my Cloth Diapering journey with. I’ll admit I used disposable diapers for most of baby’s first four months. I chose diapers over cloth nappies because at first, she peed and pooped round the clock as a new born and it was really tedious to change everything from her nappy to clothes to swaddle cloth to even blankets and bedsheets, sometimes. Diapers were just easier because they held it all in. Well, most of the time.

As she grew a little older, even though she wasn’t peeing and pooping all the time, it was still a lot. Plus, it was already chilly in November itself. Mumbai weather surprised me too. So it was impractical to keep her only in a top + nappy when it was cold and so was going through the whole ‘changing clothes’ routine multiple times a day, especially since I don’t have any help during the day. So diapers it was.

But then I read about how harmful these disposable diapers were and how they took many, many years to decompose, and every time I threw one in the garbage and put a new one on, I felt guilty. But I told myself that I needed something that would last a couple of hours at least before I needed to change the baby or I’d go insane.

And that’s when I found out that there are these amazing things called Cloth Diapers that give you the best of both worlds. They’re made of cloth and are reusable so they’re super soft and amazingly environment-friendly. And they don’t leak so they are just like disposable diapers but with the feel of (in fact, better than) a cloth nappy.

I was sold.

Even though individually, the cost of one diaper is more than what you’d spend on diapers in 2-3 weeks, when you look at the overall cost of cloth diapering your baby from day 1 (yes! You can use cloth diapers for a new born too!) to potty training vs. using disposables for the same amount of time, cloth diapers turn out to be way less expensive.

So it was a happy coincidence to find Superbottoms (rather, they found me! :D) and I was extremely enthusiastic about getting started and doing my bit to save the environment. And now, almost two months later, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing brand as a Blogger Ambassador.

I must admit that I still use disposables sometimes because I am still building my stash and my little one’s bowels and bladder are still almost like a new born’s so I run out of diapers pretty quickly. So I have to wait till they’re clean and dry again. But my target is to get rid of disposables, or reduce their usage significantly – like, only once a month when we’re out or something like that, or maybe not even then because you can cloth diaper when you’re out and about too (more on this later.)

So to summarise, I will be blogging in detail about Cloth Diapers (Superbottoms, specifically) and Cloth Diapering in general. So stay tuned for fluff posts and some bum spam.

But before you go, don’t forget to check out Superbottoms. Here’s the Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Also, you can join the Superbottoms Family Facebook Group (please read and follow group rules if you choose to be a part of it) for more information.


3 thoughts on “Announcement | Superbottoms Blogger Ambassador

  1. Hi
    I am a mom of almost 3 months okl son…and I use the diapers almost wntire day on my baby (except for 2-3 hours in the evening when I put him in cloth nappies)
    These diapers have caught my attention…thanks to you for yor detailed description.
    Just a small query..are these diapers too bulky to get into onsies or tiny pants?
    Thanks in advance.😊


    1. Hi, sorry I’m seeing this very late. To answer your question: No, they’re not bulky to get into onesies provided there’s a little wriggle room. But considering that cloth diapers are slightly bulkier compared to disposables, if the onesie is a perfect fit for the baby, then a cloth diaper might make the onesie too tight. Hope this helps 🙂


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