The Secret to get through a Crap Day | Day 6/100

…without medication or alcohol.

Like I keep saying, the universe has its ways to maintain balance. So it was obvious that a highly productive day would be followed by an extremely crappy one that would need three cups of coffee and a sedative. I made do with only the former, because I am a, you know, “responsible parent.”

So here are two mantras for you that work supremely well in most instances. Also, this is how most of yesterday was, if not all of it.


Count to ten. It helps if you close your eyes and block everything out for 10 seconds, especially when your child is being extremely reasonable but you’ve had enough whining and tears for one day. Imagine you’re at a social or family gathering where you HAVE TO BE nice to people even if you don’t like them. How do you deal with that?

Smile, even if it’s fake, and move on. Getting annoyed at your child is only going to make things worse. This is also a tip I read in “The Children of Tomorrow” by Om Swami, and I must say, it’s very effective.


“If you see rain, don’t crib about foiled plans. Instead, get your boots out and jump in the puddles.” – the toddler version of “When life gives you lemons…”

And I must say that even though my mantra might get pretty good results, if you want to really “LIVE”, Laddoo’s mantra is the way to go.

🗓 June 11, 2019
Day 6 of 100 | 95 days to go.

Being Mamma Bear Document Everything 100 days to 3 day 6

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