Baby Update: 17 Weeks Old

Another week gone by in a jiffy and I thought I had all this time to play with my little baby. Turns out, not so much 😞 But Week 17 was all about laughs and visitors!!
Here’s what happened in Week 17 of Baby’s life

Baby now Laughs!

And it is the most adorable sound ever. Now the first time she laughed was when she was two days short of 14-weeks-old, but neither was I able to catch it on video nor did she do it again for quite some time after. Then, she had laughed at the ‘Bubble, bubble, bubble’ part of a rhyme in the video below (starts at 10m 20s)

This time when she laughed, though, it was when I sang Pat-A-Cake! Yeah, last week she was crazy about Old Mc Donald, so it looks like she has a different favourite nursery rhyme every week or so. Just as well because that means I won’t get tired of singing the same song over and over again.
Here’s a video of her enjoying Pat-A-Cake, which I was only able to capture because my sister was here. I was able to record two more videos of her laughing but that was only because my sister was making her laugh in one, and she was sitting in her rocking chair during the other one. πŸ™‚

I didn’t know Nursery Rhymes could be so funny! First, it was ‘I had a little 🐒’ – couldn’t capture the reaction on photo or video, then it was ‘Old Mc Donald’ – managed to get her to smile for pictures, and now there’s ‘Pat a cake’ which gets her squealing. 😍 . Special thanks to @natashazad for being present that day because otherwise how would I manage to get this on record when both my hands were busy holding her? 😘😘 . Also, confession. While I was singing this, I thought it said Patty Cake, so that’s what I’m singing. But who’s listening to the words? We’re all here for the #laughingbaby, aren’t we? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ . πŸ—“: January 5,2017 πŸŽ₯: @natashazad β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #baby #growinguptoofast #16weeksold #babiesofinstagram #kidsofinstagram #instababies #bloggers #indianblogger #mommyblogger #mumbaimoms #indianmoms #parentblogger #babymilestones #mommylife #mamalife #momlife #babyvideo #babylaughing #happybaby #babylaugh #babyvideos #happymama
A video posted by Mamma Bear | Nikita (@beingmammabear) on Jan 13, 2017 at 2:34am PST


Rolls over pretty frequently now.

She takes a while and it’s still not as quick as it should be, but she does it on her own at least once a day adn she’s even able to release her arms from under her body. She hasn’t rolled over in her sleep yet because she has yet to master doing that quickly and correctly while she’s awake, but even so, as a precaution, I put pillows on both sides when she’s alone on the bed and during the day, she’s on a foldable double mattress on the floor. πŸ™‚

Went to buy Groceries with Mamma & Maasi

My husband was away this entire week and my sister was over to give me some company. On Friday, we ran out of milk and some other stuff, so my sister and I stepped out with her. I wore her in my Soul Meh Dai carrier and we got stuff done.

Buying vegetables while the baby sleeps comfortably in my Soul SlingsMeh Dai Carrier.
At our favourite local bakery buying their super delicious Lava Cake.

Now, I’ve stepped out with baby multiple times – mostly with my husband, but even alone. But this was a first for my sister. πŸ™‚

Visitor #1 – Ankita Maasi

Baby had three new people visit. The first was my friend, the Sister in What My Sister Wore (@whatmysisterwore) and new bride!!! 😍

She’s not holding a ‘Look who visited me today for the First Time’ card because this is not her first visit. It’s her third. Her first visit was just a few days after I’d come back home from the hospital, but the baby had just fallen asleep and she couldn’t wait until the baby woke up, so we couldn’t take a picture that day.

The second time she visited, it was late and again, the baby was cranky because it was way past her bedtime. Even though awake, she wouldn’t have let us take a picture, so we skipped it that day too. We then also met her at her Mehendi function , but didn’t take any pictures. I will share some when she shares them with me.

But this time she visited during the day and the baby was fed and awake, so she actually got to play with the baby! The baby also enjoyed her company cooed at her and was generally happy and merry! I’m so glad that they both got along πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’—

Sunday at Nani’s house

On Sunday, we went over to my mother’s house because some relatives were going to visit. We just figured that it’d be easier for me to get the baby to my mother’s who lives just ten minutes away than invite all of them and the relatives visiting to my place, clean up and be the hostess. No, thank you. Especially when the husband wasn’t around.

Here’s a shot of my mother with my little dolly, enjoying some quiet time before the others arrived.

Visitor #2 – Shiva Mama & Family

My Aunt’s brother and his family were here from the US, so the second half of Sunday was spent with these fine people. Although, their son, Baby K, was a bit J with all the attention being given to the younger baby. Hence the not-so-smiley face in the picture.

Baby has another cute Paavadai now 😍 and I have yet to check if it fits her. If it does, then she’ll be wearing it for Pongal on Saturday. If not, I’ll save it for Vishu in April.
Baby warmed up fairly quickly in spite of the fact that there were so many people around her and the commotion (don’t go by her expression in the photo.) And most of all, I had a suoer great time too. So yayyy for me. 😍😊

Video calling with Papa

Since Papa wasn’t around this week, we made sure we saw him on a video call almost every day. We only missed the days when he was working till late because baby had slept by then.

Visitor #3 & Baby’s first Girl Talk Session

Natasha Maasi’s friend, Neelam visited us on Tuesday.

The afternoon started with an already cranky baby who hadn’t napped well and had to be worn to calm down. But it only got better after that.

I’m wearing the baby in an Anmol Baby CarriersHybrid Wrap.

She was nice enough to get these amazing goey chocolate pastries from Baker’s Treat that more than satiated my chocolate craving for the day so much that I ate cake while I wore the baby because the cake was calling out to me and as it is with all baby carriers, she was fast asleep within minutes of being worn. There was no way I was going to wait for her to wake up. 😝

The afternoon also involved a lot of chit-chat and this was baby’s first ‘Girl Talk’ session, so yay for that as well. πŸ™Œ

And before we knew it, it was over four hours and time to say goodbye. But we hope to see her soon.

The colour coordination is totally unplanned!!

Spent a whole day with Papa after an entire week

As much as I was expecting her to flap her arms and legs at seeing Papa after a whole week, all I got was a curiously piercing stare. I’m sure even my husband wasn’t expecting a reaction from her and was pretty happy with what he got. Here’s the two of them, meeting after a week.

And after being away for so long, he decided to spend Wednesday working from home, so baby got to spend an entire day with him. πŸ™‚

Additions to the Bedtime Routine

For over a month now, I have set a bedtime routine for her (more on this in a separate post) that allows us (baby and me) both to make bedtime an easy and relaxing experience and allows for a smooth transition into sleepy world as opposed to the 2-3 hours I used to spend, sometimes way after midnight in just getting her to fall asleep. However, this week we added two new things to this routine, and only one was intentional.

After she’s changed into fresh clothes and is ready to sleep, I first take her to the small temple in our house where she can thank God for the day she’s had, talk to Him about what she did, how Mamma (I 😜) felt and pray for a better tomorrow and future, and say good night. Now obviously I do all the talking seeing as she can’t, but we’ve made it a habit to do so every night.

If I’m busy clearing the bed and her dad is back home for the night, then he takes her.

The second new thing is something she started on her own. She likes to hold my finger when she nurses to sleep. A couple of weeks after we came home from the hospital, I realised that if I needed to get any semblance of sleep, I could not sit and feed her multiple times a night. So I started lying down and feeding her very early. That’s why, other than changing sides for every feed, I’m not awake for that long and that takes lesser time than it took to make a trip to the bathroom when I was pregnant. I feel like I was more sleep deprived then than I am now.

So anyway, when I lie next to her, she likes to hold my finger and I absolutely love it.πŸ’—

Well that was a pretty long weekly update! I’ll see you soon, hopefully with other post(s) before the next weekly update.

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