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Baby Milestone | 4 Months Old

This is going to be a quick post because I’ve covered the details in the Weekly Posts.
My baby turned 4 Months Old over the weekend. Like I click weekly pictures, I also do monthly photos with balloons – as many as the number of months she’s been with us 🙂 I also list major events, milestones, her likes and dislikes during the period and using the 1 Second Everyday App, create a video that compiles one-second snippets of every day during that month.
Here she is, at 4 months old.

Baby Bear Likes

● When Mamma sings to her. It can be any song, but her favourite songs are I had a little turtle, Old Mc.Donald, Pat a Cake.
● Being rocked side to side
Being carried upright
Being worn
● Her bedtime routine
Rolling over to her stomach
● Sitting on someone’s lap in the evening.

What makes her laugh

Mamma singing
● Mamma making funny faces
● Maasi repeating a sentence over and over
● Mamma calling her cute names
● Mamma saying ‘Hi’ to her
● Pretty much anything Mamma says or does can make her laugh.
● Papa is yet to make her laugh. 😜

Baby Bear Doesn’t Like

● Being rocked forward and back
● Her pacifier (anymore)

Milestones This Month

Rolled Over
First Time in an Autorickshaw
● First Late Night
Attended a Wedding for the First Time
● Laughed
● Makes Spit Bubbles
● Joins hands together
First Christmas
● First long outing alone with Mamma
First New Year
● Sucks her thumb
Can touch her toes and pull her socks off
● Grabs things, pulls our glasses
Recognises me in a mirror

Visitors This Month

Narendra Mama & Family
Padmaja & Baby A
Shiva Mama & Family

Other Events

● Papa started taking baby for a stroll all alone.
● Looks directly at the camera when pictures are clicked or videos are being recorded.
● Plays with the toys hanging from her playmat and bouncer.
● Doesn’t cry during bath time anymore.
● Started biting me when I nurse her
● Has been sleeping by 10:30 PM and waking up by 8:30 AM latest

Highlights of Month 4


That’s all for now. I’ll come back with a real post real soon! I really intend to 😋

Mamma Bear.


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