101 Reasons why Babies Cry

Babies know only one way to communicate every uncomfortable feeling – a cry. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s loud, and it definitely gets the message across. At the very least, they get us to stop whatever the hell it is that we’re doing, and take notice. But if they thought that just getting us to take notice is going to solve their problem, they’re being babies. 😜

Over the last six months of being a parent, I’ve come to realise that finding out why your baby is crying is the key to tackling the problem. But here’s the hard part: There could be a 101 different reasons (that I know of) for your baby’s cry. I’m sure there are many, many more, but here’s something to get you started. If your baby is crying and you aren’t able to calm him or her down, you may use this list as a reference to at least identify the cause of your baby’s discomfort.


101 Reasons Babies Cry

1. Baby is hungry.
2. Baby has a dirty diaper.
3. Baby is thirsty.
4. Baby is sleepy.
5. Baby is hurt.
6. It’s too hot.
7. It’s Monday. Who said babies don’t get Monday Blues? Mine goes crazy on Monday or the day after a mid-week holiday when her dad’s at home and then she’s stuck with me alone the following day.v
8. It’s 3 AM, perfect time to cry.
9. A loud noise startled her.
10. It’s Janauary and it’s too cold.
11. You walked into the room and woke her up.
12. She’s teething.
13. You look different and baby can’t recognise you.
14. She didn’t have milk when you offered it to her and now it’s ten minutes later and suddenly she’s starving.
15. It’s 8 PM and she doesn’t want to go to bed.
16. You’re breastfeeding her in your arms and she wants to be fed while lying down.
17. It’s too cold.
18. Her tummy hurts.
19. She fell asleep in your arms and woke up in the crib and it’s not familiar.

20. You kept her in the bathtub for too long.

I just wanted to play with her.
21. It’s February and it’s too short.
22. It’s 4 AM and baby thinks it’s a good time to wake the neighbours up.
23. It’s Tuesday and baby’s still not over her Monday Blues.
24. Sleep regression. Enough said.
25. You kissed her while she was asleep. True Story.
26. You took her out of the tub too early.
27. Baby wants a toy but can’t reach it.
28. You just sat down to have a cup of tea/coffee.
29. She was comfortably settled on the bed and you picked her up.
30. You wore a different perfume than usual and she prefers your body odour.
31. It’s March and it’s too colourful.
32. She skipped a nap and is cranky.
33. Baby’s diaper has leaked and she’s icky.
34. She wants to sit upright on your lap.
35. Baby is scared.
36. You took away the toy she had in her hand.
37. You want to take a good family picture.
38. It’s April and it’s too busy for Papa.
39. Baby’s diaper has leaked and her clothes are wet.

40. It’s 5 AM and Mamma and Papa are not in a mood to play with her.

I wanted a good picture with her on her half-birthday.

41. She rolled over on her mat and her head hit the floor.

42. You’re attending a wedding and she wants to be home.
43. You’re at a social gathering and she’s overwhelmed.
44. Baby doesn’t like the toy she has.
45. It’s May and it’s too hot.
46. It’s Wednesday and that’s too long a name and too complicated a spelling for a day.
47. It’s 6 AM and Mamma and Papa are forcing her to go back to sleep.
48. Your phone vibrated while she was alseep.
49. You thought 2 AM was a good time to change her diaper. She disagrees.
50. You decided to cuddle with her.
51. The doorbell rang and woke her up.
52. You have people visiting and she wants to sleep.
53. You have hot food on your plate.
54. Baby doesn’t want to be carried.
55. You didn’t let her drink the bath water.
56. It’s June and it’s dull.
57. You look nice and baby doesn’t like it. She prefers you look like a homeless person.
58. You handed her to someone and she wanted to be with you.
59. Thursdays aren’t good for baby either because she’s been seeing your face for three days and now she’s bored of you.

60. It’s 7 AM.

We were just about to step out for a walk.
61. She unlatched herself and now there’s no milk.
62. She doesn’t like the colour of your lipstick.
63. It’s July and it’s always raining.
64. You want her to sleep but she doesn’t.
65. Baby wants to go out of the house.
66. It’s 8:15 PM and you’ve delayed her bedtime by fifteen minutes.
67. She doesn’t want to sit upright anymore. Stop forcing it on her.
68. You went away for a few minutes to the bathroom and now she can’t find you.
69. You decided to lay her on the bed.
70. It’s August and there’s nothing interesting happening.
71. You gave her a massage.
72. You look pretty.
73. Your clothes aren’t soft enough.
74. It’s 8 AM and she’s been up for a few hours and wants to fall asleep but can’t, on her own.
75. You’ve just started watching your favourite show on TV.
76. It’s Friday and she doesn’t get what’s the big deal about TGIF.
77. Baby wants to be carried.
78. It’s September and her birthday is coming and she’s tired of posing.
79. You gave her a hug.

80. You put her in her rocking chair.

No reason. Just felt like crying.
81. The bed creaked when you tried to move away from the sleeping baby and that woke her up and now she’s cranky.
82. You caught her just as she was trying to roll over and would’ve fallen off the bed.
83. You stopped her from chewing the edges of the mat that’s on the floor.
84. You got yourself waxed after three months and finally feel good about how you look.
85. You reluctantly handed her over to someone who wanted to hold her and how she’s pissed off that you didn’t stand up for her.
86. It’s October and it’s hot again.
87. Baby’s musical toy stopped making sounds.
88. It’s Christmas morning and you gave her her first Christmas present.
89. You turned the TV off.
90. You aren’t putting her clothes on fast enough after her bath.
91. It’s Saturday night and she knows her parents are waiting for her to fall asleep, so it’s the perfect time to wake up and cry.
92. It’s November and it’s not cold enough.
93. Baby had a bad dream.
94. You’re trying to clean her nostrils.
95. You didn’t let her lick the soap off her shoulders.
96. You’ve been trying to get her to go to sleep and she just won’t sleep so she’s cranky.
97. You gave her a bath.
98. You shut the door and it made a small noise.
99. It’s December and the year is almost over.
100. She slept well Saturday night, so she has to make up for that on Sunday night so her parents definitely get the Monday Blues.
101. Sometimes, there’s just no reason. Babies are weird.
On Christmas morning.
Do you agree? Why do you think your baby cries? Let me know in the comments. πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “101 Reasons why Babies Cry

  1. Haha πŸ˜‚ hilarious one I’m totally in sync with all your points especially the Monday blues… February is too short awesome


  2. Hahahah, so absolutely true. And now being able to figure out what is the reason for the current outburst can be a task


  3. I think you missed one – crying because you tried to cut her nails. πŸ˜‹
    Super hilarious post and quite interesting. I love all of your pics and your baby is adorable. Thanks for sharing..made life easy. πŸ˜€


  4. OMG! I can’t stop laughing! Monday blues and February is too short! Hahah..πŸ˜‚ But all is justified by the last point- babies can be weird. And totally so!


  5. It’s Feb and its too short! Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing! And what’s funnier is this post is so true. Can we also add – mama you’re having a good day. Lemme ruin it! LOL!


  6. Wow, this is such a nice and adorable kind of posts. I loved every reason stated by you and couldn’t keep the smile away from the face while reading this. At times I wonder as they cry for no reason also and you are like now what happened!!! Wonderfully put together blog posts.


  7. Wonderful and very intetesting post. I laughed while reading it πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ. I think there can be many more reasons😜. But still you remember these 100 reason is also a great thing.


  8. Love this list, was laughing out loud reading it (well, quietly because baby is sleeping). And then they grow up a little bit and things become even more complicated…. The dress she is wearing is a wrong color… The Bao Bao doggy on the street did not notice Shannon… The list can go on, it becomes more emotional at that point..


  9. babies have unique connection with mums lunch and dinner. I went thru' the list twice πŸ˜€
    Addition :
    while changing clothes πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  10. Hahahaha
    I am laughing so hard . And Apart from the obvious reasons I am in complete sync with 7, 14 ,20,40,47,49,59,90 and of course 101
    Adding to the list :
    U brought her home a little too early from her eve walk
    It's 9 pm and papa has still not come . Mamma and baby are simply bored of each other
    While bathing , you hav stopped pouring water on her and is rather trying to apply soap which she hates
    You are making her video chat with her grandparents and suddenly u start talking to them about your issues .
    Mama and papa thought of finally having a dinner together
    The toys are big for her grasp
    She is trying to put the entire first in her mouth but since she is not able to she is frustrated.
    Phew. I am sure I can think of many more


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