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The touch of my baby’s palm on my face brings the kind of happiness that nothing else can. Sure, she doesn’t do that by herself and I have to guide her hand through it because if left to herself she will actually scratch my face. How do I know that? Because she has scratched my face before, so…

Anyway, I thought babies had the softest and purest skin ever and considering they’re mostly on a liquid diet the first 6 months of their lives, their skin wouldn’t dry out. And mine, at 16 months still has breast milk multiple times a day. Plus Mumbai barely has winter, right? So why bother with a moisturisers or creams at all?

But then I found that her feet were starting to dry out and that freaked me out. My feet have been getting worse each day because who has time for themselves when a hyperactive toddler is keeping you on your toes? Well, of course if I were literally on my toes all day, every day, my feet would be pristine, but you know what I mean. But on my baby? How could that happen?

First of all, it can because:

  1. She’s on her feet all day and won’t sit in one place.
  2. There’s a lot of black dust where we live (maybe it is cement from the construction going on nearby, carbon particles, or just dust, who knows?)
  3. She refuses to wear socks.

So it’s no big surprise that her feet would show some signs of that. Thankfully, I caught it before it got worse and that gave me the opportunity to ensure that I took care of it immediately.

It was around that time that I received the hamper from Aveeno, and Johnson & Johnson. What timing, I thought and immediately set out to try the products out.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 15

For all skin care products, it is recommended that you do a patch test on yourself first and then on your baby to see if it causes any reaction. A patch test is applying the product on a patch of your skin, preferably near the elbow, and then wait for 24 hours to see if it suits your skin. If there’s no adverse reaction, you can continue using the product.

I, personally, haven’t faced any issue with any product so far, so I don’t do this, but please use your own discretion if you decide to skip this step.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 16Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion

I had heard rave reviews about this fabulous product, about how great it was and how I MUST try it out, so I was really excited to start. As of today, we have had this with us for around three months and have used this for around a month and we have looooved the results.

I will not go into technical details about the ingredients (it’s printed on the product), but suffice to say that I love how it is paraben-free (I had to do some research to see what it meant and why it was a good thing, LOL). The cream is thick and rich and even though it feels a bit sticky immediately after application, it gets completely absorbed into the baby’s skin and your palms too, of course, leaving them so soft and supple.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 2

At first I couldn’t believe my baby’s skin could be any softer, but I loved how smooth and delicate it felt and I wanted my Laddoo to run her hands over my face all day long. If it weren’t for the 99% chance of getting my face scratched, I’d definitely do it all day.

Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion is also fragrance-free. I know that is supposed to be a good thing, and even though it wasn’t a deal breaker, it was a bit of a turn off, actually. A little bit, just a tiny bit of fragrance would have been better and maybe that’s just my personal preference, but yeah, if I had to nitpick and find something that I wasn’t happy about, this would be it.


Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 5
Laddoo is wearing the Baby Talk Pocket Diaper from Superbottoms.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 9


In the duration that we have used it (over two months now), we have had no adverse reactions or side effects from the lotion and have grown to love its scent-free awesomeness.

As far as the price is concerned, at 799 it is a bit steep (again, expensive and inexpensive are relative terms) but considering that it’ll last at least a whole month, maybe even more depending on how much and how often you use it, it seems worth the price.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 11

Dry Feet Update

While we used this Lotion, initially, I made sure I applied a generous amount on her feet and put socks on for the next few minutes at least while her skin absorbed it. The best time to make sure the socks stayed on was putting them on just after her bath time and before her nap. And since it has been slightly chilly at night as well, her night dresses are rompers that cover her feet, so socks aren’t needed at the cream still stays on.
Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 7

After a week of regularly using the cream, her feet seemed significantly softer, and with regular application we have been able to not let her feet get worse because cream or no cream, this girl will run about the house, bare feet at that.

Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Range

Along with Aveeno’s cream, we were also sent Johnson’s Baby Body Lotion, Johnson’s Top to Toe wash, and Johnson’s baby wipes. In the last two months since we received the product, I used Aveeno for the first month and then switched to Johnson’s baby lotion exclusively because I wanted to gauge their results independently, and I did not want the usage to overlap.

Baby Lotion

The consistency of this cream is slightly runny and this has a fragrance that may seem a bit too strong. But my biggest disappointment with this cream was not how strong its fragrance was, but how different it smelled. I remember the old J&J smell and I used to love cuddling my younger baby cousins who were practically bathed in the soap and the cream (or so it seemed 😆 ), and they smelled so good.

Maybe it was my sense of nostalgia that was disappointed, but I kind of wanted my baby to smell like that too. But you know what? I have grown to like this smell and even though it’s not the smell I remember, now I like it.

We didn’t do a patch test with this either, and we didn’t face any problems. It has suited us both, and Laddoo’s skin and mine (yes, mine too. I sneaked in a bit on my own skin whenever I could) have been pretty soft, smooth and hydrated.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 13

Top to Toe Baby Wash

We had used this even before it was sent to us and we love how baby’s skin doesn’t feel dry after the body wash is washed out. Even though it is a top to toe wash, we haven’t used this on her hair because we already had their Active Kids Clean & Fresh Shampoo (again, it’s the smell that I love) and we have loved the results.

Baby Wipes

They’re soft, extremely hydrated and again, they smell so good. We were sent a small packet and we used it up before I could take a picture.

Being Mamma Bear Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion Review Johnson & Johnson 4

We loved these products and are extremely happy with the results, but please try the products on yourselves and then decide whether these work for you.

P.S. These products were sent to me for review, but this is not a paid review. We used these products for over two months before forming an opinion, and all pictures used in this post are mine. All opinions are honest and unbiased.

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