Potty Training | Part 1 – Day Time Training

Page 1 | Our first attempt and why I didn’t try again for another 2 years.
Page 2 | Daytime Pee Training Success
Page 3 - YOU ARE HERE - Daytime Poop Training Success
Page 4 | Tips, FAQs, and Links to Potty Seats

Daytime Poop Training Success

Since she was doing so well with peeing in the bathroom, I regularly urged her to sit on her toilet seat for pooping as well. I even offered to lay paper on the bathroom floor so she could go there, but she just wasn’t interested. She wanted a diaper only.

Like I said before, we made sure she took care of business at home in the morning before she left for school and her body was so used to the routine that it wasn’t a problem at all especially since she was wearing a diaper at night anyway. Once she was back home, however, I wasn’t so keen on wasting a disposable diaper after using it for only 5 minutes. Thankfully, Laddoo was more than happy with a cloth diaper and cooperated fully with that. In fact, when she knew she had to go, she even opened the cupboard and brought a clean diaper for me to put it on.

That was another great thing about waiting until she was older – no poop-y accidents. I know I shouldn’t be grossed out by such things 3+ years into motherhood (at that point) but I’m truly relieved about it. Pee is waaaay easier to clean up.

And then one day, towards the end of November, when we were at the mall, Laddoo saw a mom and baby store and told us she wanted a new potty seat. The one we had at home was over 2 years old and since it wasn’t being used regularly, it had become kind of dirty. We intended to buy a new one anyway. And this time, since she asked for it and was willing to pick one out herself, I was sure she’d be more eager to use it.

I was right.

We saw a couple of options and Laddoo picked a colour and design that she liked, all by herself.

On Monday, November 25, once she was back from school, Laddoo needed to poop and she agreed to using the toilet seat. I got excited clapped for her again. I told her we’d call Papa and tell him about this big development and that he’d get her some chocki-juice (chocolate milk) and she was thrilled about that. (I have this conversation on video. Unfortunately, I cannot share that because she’s ON the toilet seat.)

The next few days, she took a break but on the morning of Thursday, November 28, 2019, Laddoo agreed to sit on the potty seat to poop. Papa sat on a chair outside the bathroom and read ‘The Gruffalo’ to her to keep her seated till she did her business, and that helped immensely. Once again, we clapped and expressed our happiness at her accomplishment.

From my past experience with her I knew that it could have been a one time thing. I wasn’t totally wrong. She didn’t want to use the bathroom every time, after the first time. She still did prefer the diaper. But having used the potty seat once she knew it wasn’t scary. I still offered her a choice every time until I was sure she was totally okay with the potty seat, which she got accustomed to over the next few days.

And that’s how, over a total period of a little over 3 weeks, Laddoo was totally off diapers during the day time (except for school).


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