Milestone: First Day of Nursery | Day 8/100

This post has affiliate links.* Oh my god! My baby goes to school now. I was looking forward to this day since March because hello, almost-crazy person here, and 50% of that craziness is thanks to being with a child all day, every day, for (just one day short of) 2 years and 9 months. … More Milestone: First Day of Nursery | Day 8/100

The first Flutters

I’ve been waiting for this since Day 1. Of course, the first trimester distracted me from actually feeling pregnant and it was more like I was suffering from… well, just suffering. But ever since I’ve been feeling better and more like my old self than I did in the past few months, I’ve been waiting … More The first Flutters

The first Look

We went to the doctor hours after the pregnancy test showed a positive. But since I was only 4 weeks and 1 day along, the doctor suggested that we wait two more weeks to be able to see something clearly in the ultrasound. During that first visit, she asked me if I was experiencing any … More The first Look