#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 6 – FLOW

Most of my stress comes from things not going according to my plans. If stress was the only thing that happened as a result of this, bad as it is in itself, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. But that’s just not me. The stress leads to irritation and my entire mood goes for a … More #WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 6 – FLOW

Week 5 RECAP – Embrace, Enjoy, Eat | #WordoftheWeek2020

This is a picture of a chocolate éclair and donut from Mad Over Donuts, bot of which went into my tummy after a super relaxing facial session last weekend. And sadly, this is the only picture I have of the guilty pleasures I indulged in over the last seven days or so. Sorry, Elina @dietfunda_official. … More Week 5 RECAP – Embrace, Enjoy, Eat | #WordoftheWeek2020

#WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 4 – DOCUMENT

The whole reason I created an online profile and became ‘Being Mamma Bear’ was… well, to be able to share pregnancy updates with strangers, anonymously, because we had told only family and close friends, and didn’t want to make this life-update ‘public’ before the baby was born. But then after Laddoo’s birth, once everything was … More #WordoftheWeek2020 | Week 4 – DOCUMENT

Word of the Week

We often start new years with a whole list of resolutions that, for many of us, fade away as the year progresses, and I say this from experience. Based on my past, I’ve realised that the reason(s) for that could be one or more or all of the following: My goals were overambitious I didn’t … More Word of the Week